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Feng Shui Tips & Advice, Issue #001 -- Follow Your Bliss
December 28, 2012

Happy New Year!

As the New Year approaches, I begin to contemplate what "follow your bliss" really means. On a conceptual level, we all know that it means you should do what you love, right? It means we must find that one thing that gets us out of bed in the morning, ignites our divine spark, and initiates a flood of unstoppable vitality. And once you know what that one thing is, just go out and do it. That's it.

Sometimes it's easier said than done.

So what can you do right now to follow your bliss? I'll tell you…. find your homing thought.

In his book Life Energy, Dr. John Diamond, talks about the homing thought. Although it is an evolving, slippery target, your homing thought is a guiding concept of what you believe is your true potential. What do you feel your purpose is right now? To put it another way, it is the answer to the question, "who will you become?" not "who are you now?"

For most, the homing thought originates out of your deepest desire of what you want to accomplish on this earth. Maybe you want to help impoverished people, be the next Van Gogh (or Buddha!), or write a best-selling novel. However, as you begin to contemplate your homing thought, it evolves beyond description—it becomes a sense of self that is indescribable in words and can only be experienced with feeling, emotion, and knowing. This is your true homing thought.

For Dr. Diamond, his homing thought was an impression of himself sitting on a secluded beach playing a musical instrument. Upon deep contemplation, his homing thought transmuted into a profound sense of peace, fulfillment, and well-being.

So, what do you do with this homing thought? Well, you hold it in your mind of course.

According to Dr. Diamond, you become invulnerable to stress when you concentrate on your homing thought. This thought is the essence of your true self, it is the whole of your vitality and it literally makes you invincible.

Maybe this is what it means to "follow your bliss." Sure, you may not live the life you want right now, but when you hold in mind your homing thought, you are a firecracker—a being possessed of such vitality and energy that positive transformation is not only likely but inevitable. With this newfound surge of vivacity and life, the impossible suddenly becomes possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Who will you become?

Use feng shui to gain focus and clarity.

Sometimes it can be difficult to establish clarity and a conscious direction—it's as if life has become one huge buffet with too many options. We taste a little of everything and walk away feeling engorged and lethargic.

So how can you begin to focus on what it is you truly desire? How can you be more selective in your choices?

Start by clearing your home. Clean house, and declutter. Cleaning brings clarity.

Next, activate the element of air. Open up some windows and turn on some lights. Good, focused lighting like reading lights, up-lights, and spots are key.

Use cool, white and light colors. White stimulates clarity and mental focus.

Finally, if you feel confused, blocked, or depressed, use a cure that is light, flexible, fresh, and has quick growth—like bamboo.

And don't forget the power of intention. Create a vision board to help you focus in on what you want to achieve.

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