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Feng Shui Tips & Advice, Issue #002 -- The Power of Space Clearing
January 18, 2013

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I need your help!

Dear friends,

I've been working on for almost four years… my how the time flies! Most of the interactions I've had with my visitors have been about the problems they are experiencing or basic feng shui questions. Don't get me wrong, I love to help people… that's why I do this for free.

However, I rarely receive any success stories from my visitors. This is where you come in. I need your help. Please share any feng shui success stories you have (I'll keep your names anonymous if you like). These stories are so important and vital to everyone starting on their feng shui path. I find that many people are unsure or even frightened of using feng shui on their own. People need to know that they can do feng shui without a professional consultation, that they can trust their own intuition, and that they truly do have the power to change their lives.

By sharing your feng shui success story, you could be the one person that transforms the life of another.

When you enter your feng shui success story, you'll be automatically entered to win a Balinese space clearing bell.

This bell design is very special—it was commissioned by Karen Kingston (author of "Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui") for its powerful space clearing abilities. It's the one I use and love. This bell costs 160 pounds, which is about $260!

Thank you in advance for your help and support!

Be well, Jessica

"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire world."

So what's the big deal with space clearing?

Space clearing is a profound catalyst of transformation. When applying feng shui in your home, clutter clearing goes a long way, however, space clearing obliterates negative energy and improves the vibration of a space beyond what you may have ever experienced. And if you live in a home that has never been space cleared, then it needs it more than ever.

Let me share a success with space clearing (by the way, I typically use Karen Kingston's method summarized below.)

During my partner's last year in grad school, I decided to move back to Colorado while he remained in Philadelphia. If you've ever been put into the position of suddenly living single, then you know your options for apartments require a serious downgrade (at least if you are a cash-poor grad student.) My heart broke for him when we went apartment hunting. I realized he was going to be living in a student slum.

We finally found him a cheap apartment, and I mean CHEAP. It was a terrible place, the front door to the apartment building looked like it had been kicked in a few times. I couldn't have lived there, but he was tough.

Anyway, I set about feng shuing his apartment with the proper enhancements and furniture placement (after a thorough scrubbing of course!). And then I space cleared.

My partner confessed that year in grad school was the most relaxing, rejuvenating, and life-affirming year of his life. He slept well, finished all of his school work with time to spare, experienced a profound spiritual healing, and emerged healthier and more centered than ever before. I don't often hear that from a grad student!

To this day, he still says "I don't know what you did to that place, it was magical."

Basic Space Clearing Procedure


  • Flowers
  • Blessed water (you can bless it yourself)
  • Candles
  • Incense (preferably Basilica incense)
  • Space clearing bell


  • Physically clean and straighten up the space.
  • Take a full bath or shower.
  • Put all food and drink away.
  • Remove jewelry and other metallic objects from your body and take off your shoes and socks.
  • Take a moment of quiet and connect with the spirit of your house and state your intentions.
  • Starting with the main entrance, go around the inside perimeter of the space to sense the energy.
  • Light candles, burn incense, sprinkle blessed water and offer flowers to the guardian spirit of the house. Call in your personal guides, guardians, spirits, and angels (or whatever feels appropriate) to help you.
  • Clap in corners to disperse static energy.
  • Wash your hands (very important!).
  • Purify the space with bell(s).
  • Create an energy shield around the perimeter of the space.
  • Fill the space with intention, love, and light.
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