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Feng Shui Tips & Advice, Issue #005 -- Manifesting with Feng Shui
May 10, 2013

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Manifesting with Feng Shui

As promised in the last ezine, I am going to share with you a few different ways to activate your intentions using feng shui.

Hopefully, you have already completed your spring cleaning and set the stage for your intentions to take root and thrive. If you haven’t, then start there.

The first step is to get clear.

Assess your life and decide which area you want to work on first? Where do you feel unfulfilled? Once you’ve identified the weakest area in your life, craft a firm intention of what you would like to happen. Maybe you want to experience more prosperity, greater peace of mind, or healthier relationships. Whatever it is, write it down on a piece of paper.

Hold on though, it’s not enough to just write it down. To turn your dream into a reality you need to convey your intention to the universe and set it in motion. Every worthy goal needs a little nudge. Change requires action… purposeful action.

The next step is to plan your course of action.

Where do you start? Choose a method that feels right to you.

Here are 3 methods I swear by:

  • Art
  • Feng shui cures
  • Letters of gratitude


The Power of Art

Whether you create it or buy it, art serves as a powerful reminder of your dreams and aspirations—it provides a visual clue of what you desire and can even reprogram your thinking.  Hang inspirational artwork, affirmations, or even create your own collage or vision board in the appropriate area of the feng shui bagua. If you start to consciously focus your intention through art and creativity, you will get what you want. 

Manifesting with Feng Shui Cures

As you know, feng shui cures are an excellent way to activate energy. The trick to manifesting with feng shui cures is to hold in mind your intention while placing the cure. Here are some fantastic cures for different areas of the feng shui bagua:

  • Abundance/Prosperity – flowers, water features, bamboo, fish
  • Fame/Reputation – lighting, candles, symbols of your goals
  • Love/Relationship – flowers, candles, pictures of happy couples
  • Creativity/Children – whimsical objects, playful art, rocks and stones
  • Helpful People/Travel – metal objects, bells, mirrors, images of hands
  • Career/Journey – mirrors, water features, symbols of your career goals
  • Skills/Knowledge – images of mentors, boxes and containers, books, rocks and stones
  • Family/Elders – healthy plants, flowers, images of happy people
  • Health/Center – ceramics, earthenware, rocks and stones

Letters of gratitude

The universe LOVES gratitude and rewards those that are thankful. Write out your intention as if it has already happened and give thanks… profusely. For example, “Thank you for guiding to me to my soul mate. I am so grateful that I have found the perfect partner—one whom I can grow with, laugh with, and share my life with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Then place the letter in the suitable section of the feng shui bagua. I use this method often with great success. In fact, I’ve discreetly hidden my letters in different areas of the bagua only to discover them months or years later and have been amazed at how much of what I’ve written has come true!

Finally, and most importantly, act now!

I’ve given you some powerful feng shui tips to manifest your dreams. So, what are you waiting for?

I wish you much happiness on your journey!

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