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Active And Passive Colors


  • These stronger colors help with manifestation
  • Activate eye
  • Make the body and mind restless
  • Excites both mind and body and provides new energy and creative solutions
  • Too bright of colors are bad for people with weak immune system (too taxing)
  • Active colors have yang attributes: light, confident, enthusiastic, logical, outgoing, strong, direct, focused quick movements, exuberant, mental, intellectual, value decisiveness and change
  • Extroverts enjoy colorful surroundings — under-stimulation leads to boredom
  • Strong, saturated colors with high contrast are exciting


  • Increase mental focus without draining physical body
  • Calming
  • Grounding
  • Supports physical body
  • Relaxes muscles (not good for high-tech or trendy clients)
  • Passive colors have yin attributes: heavy, sensitive, gentle, imaginative, introspective, soft, nurturing, slow movements, quiet, physically oriented, emphasis on comfort and safety
  • An introvert likes a passive environment — over-stimulation leads to anxiety
  • Passive colors are calming