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Learn about the four classical 
elements: earth, air, fire, water 

The classic air element represents mental power, intellectual abilities, logic and rationality. Air also symbolizes artistic talent, open-mindedness, and humanitarianism.

Add the air element if you seek change, transformation, clarity or more control over your emotions.

Word of Advice

If you find that you don't take risks, are indecisive, or overly intellectual you may have too much of the air element in your home.


  • Air should move and circulate freely with no stagnation
  • Open a window
  • Everything should be organized
  • Play soothing music and sounds eg. songbirds, singing bowls, sounds of nature, chanting, classical and jazz music, wind chimes, bells, clapping, rattles
  • Aromatherapy
  • Incense
  • Scents
  • Smudging
  • Mobiles, flags
  • Air filter, air purifiers, ionizers (if you are tired, groggy, irritable, or depressed then you might have too many positive ions)
  • Yellow
  • Neutral colors
  • Add air and decrease water if you want more clarity or control over your emotions.


  • Avoid noise pollutionUse rugs, weather stripping, curtains, trees and plants, soundproof windows, or play music to cancel other sounds ("wave cancellation")
  • Decrease air if you need more nurturing or you feel ungrounded