Attached garage on suburban home

by Amy B.

Feng shui bagua including attached garage.

Feng shui bagua including attached garage.

Hi Jessica - I have a question about whether I should include the attached garage on my floor plan (we generally enter our house and leave our house via an interior door to the garage). The front door is used much more infrequently by the three inhabitants.

Our house structure is in sort of a funky "U" shape. What I mean by that is, when facing the house, the two-car attached garage is to the right, on the west side of the house and protrudes more than 3 other elements which make up the front of the house. The next part of the front is a bedroom with a window. It sits about 16 feet back from the front of the garage and shares part of an interior wall with the garage. The next bit is our front door which is the most far back from all the other parts of the house's "face." Then to the immediate left of the front door is the exterior of the west wall of the living room, which protrudes out further than the front bedroom, but does not protrude as far out as the garage.

Do you do consulting work? I like your website. I keep coming back to it.
Amy B.

Hi Amy,

I just recently answered a similar question on including the garage in the bagua map. Typically, you do include the garage in the feng shui bagua. Usually, it ends up as an extension or missing area.

I'm trying to envision your house plan as you described, but it is difficult without actual dimensions. I've attached what I think might represent your plan (see image above). You can see the garage in blue and the rest of the house in grey. The red line represents the feng shui bagua.

If the dimensions are significantly different than the diagram I have provided, then make sure to follow the rules for aligning the bagua map to determine which parts are bagua extensions and which are missing areas.

Thank you for your kind comments, I am so happy to hear that you find my website useful! I've been spending most of my time creating a "Feng Shui Boot Camp" class. The time committment is huge, so I'm not doing personal consultations right now.

Have a wonderful day!

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