Bagua map for a duplex

How I applied the bagua map to my duplex.

How I applied the bagua map to my duplex.

How I applied the bagua map to my duplex. Feng shui bagua placement alternatives.

I am in need of your assistance. I currently moved into a duplex and cannot figure out how to use a Bagua map in my home. What makes it so difficult is that my entire living area is upstairs. My main entry door opens up directly in front of stairs. You enter into a small foyer and a door to the left to go to the garage. That is it! Its the door, foyer and the stairs. I just do not see how it's possible to apply Bagua when I have a wall to my right, stairs in front of me and the garage to my left. Please help!

I used to live in a home exactly like that, don’t despair. My home looked like the attached photo. I aligned the bagua map with the front door of the building and applied it to the top floor.

As you can see, my stairs were basically in the family/elders area of the bagua map which needed to be treated like a missing area.
My kitchen was right above the entrance to the building.

Many of the feng shui masters I learned from claim that you can orient your bagua with the way that energy naturally enters your home at the top of the stairs. So for instance, I could have turned my bagua map 90 degrees or 180 degrees clockwise. (see alternatives). Regardless of the placement you decide upon, set a strong intention and just go with it.

I hope this helps!

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