Basement feng shui

by pooja
(khan pur, New Delhi)

I have my office in the basement. How can I create good feng shui in it? I want more wealth and positive energy – and a good, happy environment too.

Hi Pooja,

The basement is a very interesting part of the home. According to psychiatrist Carl Jung, the basement represents things that are deeply rooted within you and your subconscious.  The basement also represents desires that you are suppressing in your life and it is also a symbol for a strong foundation. A lot of meaning there!

Knowing all of that, here are some suggestions I recommend for a basement home office:

  1. I’m gonna keep on saying it – you must keep it clean, clutter-free, and organized -- especially since the basement represents your subconscious! Remember, you need to make your space a symbol of what you want.

  2. Of course, follow the general guidelines for a feng shui home office. For instance, put your desk in the right place and use empowering artwork and imagery.

  3. If your basement is like most, it might be a little dark and “cave-like.” You will want to make sure that you have plenty of good lighting to uplift and circulate chi.

  4. Basements usually have an over-abundance of yin energy too.  Make sure you make some adjustments to balance out the space with some yang energy like: bright colors and lighting (especially uplights), furniture and accessories that have smooth and/or glossy surfaces, and lightweight furniture.

  5. You should check to see if the feng shui elements are in balance. If it is indeed “cave-like”, you’ll want to diminish the excessive earth energy.

  6. For more wealth, read the advice on how to create more abundance and prosperity.

  7. To create more happiness make sure you: have a good flow of chi; lots of sunshine (or at least light); open a window if you can; burn incense or candles; use fresh, bright and cheerful colors; add moving objects like wind chimes or mobiles; and add fun things like toys. Read more about how to find happiness with feng shui.

I hope this helps!

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