Bedroom has a weird shape

by Jessica

My bedroom is shaped strange; it has an oblong square shape but there is only one perfect corner in the room because of the angled door wall and inverted corners at the window. There are only two walls for the bed to be placed up against where it will fit. The side facing the door (although the door is angled) and the side where the headboard would be up against the window. Currently the bed is facing the door and I am concerned it is drawing in too much energy from the hall making it harder to fall asleep. Should I move the bed to the window? This might make the bedside closer to the door but it will no longer face the door. Which option is better?


Hello Jessica,

I’ve always learned that one of the most important feng shui principles is to put your bed in the power position which means you are facing the door. However, if you are experiencing too much energy coming into the room, you need to slow it down. You can use a solid footboard, a trunk or bench at the foot of your bed to slow the chi down. Actually any piece of furniture, even a screen, will help to protect you. You might also want to hang a crystal in the doorway to moderate and control the flow of energy moving through the door.

Be well,

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