Change is good

by Julie E.
(Granby, CO)

I thought that my home served me well and met my needs since everything which I owned was in it, and the home was semi organized and clean. Items from my entire life were displayed and dusted regularly. After listening to you and applying Feng Shui techniques I have learned differently.

The entry way was tackled first as it was the first space for people to deposit their belongings. I removed a bench and some copper pots which were used for decoration from the staircase area, creating a clear path. I added 2 new bright colored doormats one on the outside and one directly inside. Painted the walls a warm yellow, minimized the hooks for hanging coats, added a mirror at the top of the stairs to uplift energy, and installed a new light fixture which gave off comfortable lighting. I made it a priority to have fresh flowers on the kitchen table at the top of the staircase. There was nothing left to block good energy from entering my home.

De cluttering was next. I got rid of papers sitting stacked right below the telephone which I used to think was a good place to keep them. I cleaned out a junk drawer, really just things which I kept for future use, this was the future; if I couldn’t use the item it was tossed or donated. The drawer became my paper storage space which I monitored regularly because it was small. The top of the refrigerator was cleared and again items put into a cupboard which used to have “things to use some day” in them. I purged everything in kitchen cupboards, 2 china cabinets, closets, dressers, linen storage ,laundry room, guest bedroom, office…. items which I didn’t use or if it wasn’t a precious item (that was tough to determine) was donated, recycled, or tossed. Dishware normally kept for company I began to use daily. I replaced magnets and papers on the refrigerator with one simple affirmation and a favorite photo of a nephew.

I removed many old photos from the living room walls, only leaving pictures of people who inspire me. My home was thoroughly cleaned. To allow in the good, I had to get rid of the clutter.

I redecorated a portion of our downstairs family room into my creative space. The carpet was removed and the floor painted a light earthy tone, I put a large mirror on one wall which reflected the small window allowing more light. The walls were painted a soft yellow/orange, I hung a Franzia painting of a little girl seamstress which was a gift from my Mother reminding me that she was the first one to encourage creativity in me by teaching me to sew at a young age, thus allowing me to make my own clothes. I added a few shelves which held knick knacks that either inspired me, or gave me a sense of comfort. I used the now empty china cabinet to store tools and art supplies, and added a medium sized floor plant to finish off the room. I purchased a comfortable high back office chair, a table, and the area for me to spend time on my hobby of stained glass was complete. I felt empowered and creative.

In the year following this process, my life began to change. I have gone through a huge transformation since I chose to allow simplicity and empowerment into it. I feel the good energy in my surroundings, I rely more on my wisdom, and enjoy the healthy environment created in my living space. In the 2 years following I sold my home, divorced, moved to a smaller apartment and changed jobs. Now this may have all happened regardless, but I don’t think so. I truly believe that we all create our future; these tools have helped me move into the next chapter. I now practice yoga and meditation regularly, and allow all the good and abundance in the universe into my life. I choose to spend time with people who inspire me, and I work at a job where I’m always learning …I love my life!

Julie E.
February 2013

Jessica's reply:
Julie, that is truly an inspirational story! It is a well-timed reminder that action is always necessary to bring positive change... and sometimes the changes aren't always quite what you expect. Well done!

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