Communal underground garage

Hello Jesica,
What is your opinion about new communal buildings who have common underground garage? How this space influence people who is living in appartments above this space? I found many tips about the bed room under garage, but can't find tips about all premises under the hudge garage. Does underground parking garage space has the same influence on every storey flats, and all building? Could you please find the time to answer as I am thinking to buy two room appartment in the new building with garage under the whole building.

Thank you in advance!



Hi Mirjam,

I have lived in a big apartment building over a large communal garage a few times. I simply ignore the garage and focus solely on my apartment space. The only additional spaces I pay attention to are the front door into the building, I’ll sweep or pick up any trash that might be around, and the entrance hall into my apartment. I make sure that the entrance always looks good. Generally speaking, big building garages are well maintained so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Be well,

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