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Create Your Perfect Dining Room Design

Your dining room design can significantly enhance the quality of your social and family gatherings. The dining room is a place where people have a chance to sit down and relax with the rest of their families, and enjoy each other’s company while taking in nourishment from food laid out on the table. A place that can bring people together like this needs a design that’s just right for any type of gathering, big or small. Your dining room should have furniture which fits to the room, and a design which eases people into a social and relaxed mood, whilst being comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the dining room design should be warm and inviting while at the same time functional. The dining room can affect the prosperity and the bond that your family has so it is important to create a harmonious design. To decorate your dining room, here are some great tips and tricks to help you get started.

1.   For the dining room table 

The dining room table is the most important piece of furniture and is usually the focal point in the entire room. When choosing a table, you must think of the size of the room. Your dining room table should not make the guests feel cramped or crowded and should have plenty of space for them to sit and move around comfortably.

Most Feng Shui experts would recommend getting an oval or a round shaped table. This ensures that the chi or the energy continuously flows within the dining room. Don’t fret if you already have a square or rectangle shaped dining table. You don’t have to get rid of it. To soften the edges or the sharpness of your rectangular shaped dining tables, you should balance it out using round shaped rugs.

The position of your dining room table should be at the center of the room. You should also angle it slightly so that the sides of the table are not parallel to the walls. The slight angling ensures that the chi flows easily throughout the room and won’t be trapped in the corners.

The color of your dining room table should not be too dark. Light colored wooden tables are ideal. They should be easy to clean and should always have an even number of chairs. Some Feng Shui experts recommend that the number of chairs in the dining room table should be 8. The chairs should also have a back rest. If any of the parts of the dining room table or chairs are broken it should be fixed immediately. Do not use broken furniture.

2.   For the colors of the dining room

The colors of the dining room should also invoke a pleasant and relaxing feel. It is not recommended to paint the walls in dark colors like black as this color can make the occupant feel closed in. Pastel colors are ideal when choosing colors for the dining room. Try to avoid heavily patterned wallpapers as they can affect the flow of chi. You may also paint the walls of the dining room in natural and earth toned colors.

3.   For the lighting within the dining room

Natural lighting is an important thing to have in a dining room. Make sure that your dining room has windows that allow plenty of natural light to come in. Overhead lights can be used in the evenings so that you can easily see your food and the people around you. You can try installing adjustable lighting so that you can have low lighting for romantic dinners and bright lights for big gatherings. If you want to install a chandelier inside the dining room make sure that it is positioned at the center of the dining table. You can also use candles to light the dining room but make sure that it is not the only source of light.

4.   For the accessories and other décor within the dining room

Mirrors are great accessories that you can put inside the dining room. It makes the space look larger and aids in the flow if chi within the room. Mirrors also reflect light and can enhance the energy of the room. Having a mirror inside the dining room promotes prosperity as they can make the food look doubly abundant. Just as mirrors can make your food look plentiful if it is reflecting clutter, bills and junk inside your dining room then it can also make these aspects of your life double. Avoid having mirror reflections of unfinished projects, too much workload, clutter and bills.

The table displays should include round shaped objects like a bowl filled with round fruits. It should be placed at the center of the table. Make sure that the bowl is filled as this will symbolize the abundance and richness in your life.

Plants and flowers also add a relaxing feel to the dining area. Add a few soft leaved plants and yellow colored flowers around the table if the space allows it. Yellow colored flowers and decors are said to enhance communication. Make sure that you replace fresh flowers as wilted and dried up flowers and plants in the dining area signifies stagnation. Picture of plants, landscapes and other photos that help you relax and bring you happiness and pleasure can also be displayed in the dining area. You can also have a dining room that faces a garden or a great view to make it feel more calming and relaxing.

Avoid putting clocks and calendars around the dining area to have a relaxed meal.

Decorations that have water are also ideal to have inside the dining room. A small aquarium that’s clean and uncluttered is a good décor to add. Fill the aquarium with 3 or 9 goldfishes for luck and one black colored fish for protection. Flowing water symbolizes energy and luck. Have a small flowing water fixture inside the dining room to promote good health and energy. A photo of flowing water can also be used as decoration if you are not into flowers and landscapes.      

The Feng Shui tips for your dining room are easy to follow and apply to your home. There’s no harm in incorporating them into the design of your room so why not give it a try. Designing and decorating your dining room with the help of Feng Shui can bring luck, prosperity and plenty of good energy to your family.