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Find out how to use each of 
the five elements of feng shui

The earth element is ideal if you are seeking protection, stability and security. Of the five elements of feng shui, the element of earth is the most grounding—it will help you feel more peaceful, calm, and still. It increases comfort and will provide the support you need.

Earth represents grounding, protection, stability, and security.

Earthy colors, horizontal objects, and long,flat surfaces enhance earth.

If you want to bring the earth element into your home, choose dense, heavy furniture that is low to the ground. You want to create a sense of stability and permanence. Select earthy feng shui colors like yellow, brown, and beige to soothe and calm the mind. In addition, soft, comfy furniture and accessories are excellent choices to keep you feeling safe, secure, and protected. Make sure to read about the creative and destructive cycles so that you can keep the feng shui elements in balance.


Earthenware, pottery, and ceramics represent the element of earth.
  • Large heavy furniture
  • Dense, solid, heavy objects
  • Place things low to the ground
  • Get a bed with a headboard
  • Sturdy couch
  • Built-in items (like bookshelves, window seats, shelving, etc.)
  • Brick, tile, terra-cotta, adobe, stucco, stones, rocks, sand
  • Pottery, ceramics, earthenware
  • Soil, gemstones, rocks
  • Art portraying earthy landscapes (such as deserts or fertile fields)
  • Cozy blankets
  • Soft, comforting, nurturing objects
  • Horizontal objects and long, flat surfaces
  • Squares and rectangles
  • Yellow and earth tone shades
  • Muted colors and browns (avoid bright colors)
  • "Treat the earth well.
    It was not given to you
    by your parents,it was 
    loaned to you by your 
    children. We do not 
    inherit the Earth from 
    our Ancestors, we borrow 
    it from our Children."
    - Ancient Indian Proverb

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