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Design Your Bedroom To Fall Asleep Faster!

Your bedroom should be a place which naturally eases you into sleep and makes you fall asleep faster. It should encourage good sleeping habits and patterns, and hence it's best (as hard as this can be!) to eliminate anything which inhibits rejuvinating, dreamy sleep. We all spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, and they're primarily about re-energizing, so we can spend our day's feeling like a million-dollars! For this reason alone, it's clearly best to turn the bedroom into a sleeping sanctuary! A place where you will fall asleep fast, and wake up faster. This page is dedicated to show you how you can do just that. 

Eliminate Electronics

No Laptops!

Electronics and technologies are the killer of a good night's sleep. There's absolutely no doubt about that. Screens and what's on them will increase your brain wave frequency, which, if you know anything about sleep psychology, directly corresponds with being wide awake. Meanwhile, all the content on your laptop, smartphone, or ipad, will bring stress and worry into your sleep sanctuary - a place where they both should be strictly prohibited! The reasons why all make clear sense: you'll be reminded of your work, social life, etc. In all of these activities you require high brain wave frequency, or high alertness, which will keep you well awake. And therefore well away from your well deserved and desired sleep. 

Colors And Lighting

The colors in your room should help you snooze! Use relaxing, calm and grounded colors such as brown, dark blue, or white. This will help you begin to ease into a sleepier state whilst reading a book, for example. So that once you switch off the lights, you switch off, too. Learn which colors are best here, and more on color psychology.

As the day nears its end, an hour or two before you plan to nod off, it'll also be well worth choosing your lighting carefully. Soft, natural toned lights, which are just bright enough to read a book, are best. Bright, white, lights will reduce melatonin (the sleep inducing hormone) production, and prevent sleep. 

Pleasant and relaxing, soft lighting will help ease you into quality sleep.

Darkness Equals Dreaminess

Turning your lights out, and making it pitch black (no, not just dark, but pitch black) will help far more than most people think. Not many people sleep in pitch black darkness, but it's completely natural. Imagine before the light bulb was invented, it would get much darker at night, and that kind of natural, no artifical lighting, darkness was the norm. Nowadays our sleep, and our body clocks, are distorted by light. Eliminate this, and you can largely eliminate bad sleeping patterns.

Reposition Your Bed

The bedroom should be exclusively for sleeping and sex. So, the bed should be the center of attention inside the room. Place the bed in what is called the power, or command position. This means to position the bed opposite or diagonally opposite the door, so you can see it while you lie down. This creates a sense of security. There'll be no subconscious feeling of someone or something sneaking up on you in the night! Something which will potentially stop you from sleeping. Read more about bedroom feng shui here.

Sleeping Is Sleeping 

Don't mix being awake, with sleeping. Sounds simple? Sounds stupid? Well, most people are mixing what should be an exclusive place for sleeping with other activities. You may have a desk in your bedroom, a television, or maybe even exercise equipment! This will all greatly injhibit your chances to get high quality, energizing sleep. If you take away any distractions, and concern-inducing objects from your bedroom, then you'll find you will ease into sleep much more easily. There will be nothing to keep you alert, with high brain wave frequency, and henceforth nothing to block a nice dreamy snooze. 

Cool Your Room

Let's take a quick lesson on sleep psychology. Your sleep follows your body clock, which is sometimes called your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the 24 daily cycle in a human beings physiological characteristics. Included in these characteristics is temperature. Our temperature lowers when our body thinks we should be going to sleep. Take advantange of this, and cool down your room, to cool down your body. Then you will sleep. For thí reasons ít's also not ideal to partake in physical activity before you sleep.