Feng shui and addiction

by Carla

I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to use feng shui in a home where someone is suffering from substance abuse. I have been studying feng shui off and on as a hobby for several years now, and would say that I have a pretty solid understanding of the practice of this art. However I have never had to call on it so strongly before. My husband has never suffered from substance abuse/addiction up until about a year and a half ago. (pain rx and alcohol). And while he believes in the power of feng shui, the Law of Attraction, balancing of Chi, etc., he has not shown signs yet of stepping out of his denial. He is in the category of a binge addict, and only abuses substances for short periods of time (several days of the month when he gets his rx filled, and then alcohol when he runs out of them, and then stops all substances for a couple weeks until he refills his rx) He goes to our holistic practitioner about once a month for energy healing and acupuncture, since he has chronic back pain. He exercises regularly and does yoga at times, yet ultimately supplements these activities (or enhances them as he says) with rx pain meds and alcohol. I would say the root cause of this is mainly a diagnosis of PTSD from childhood sexual trauma and abuse. Anyway, with this background info do you have any suggestions on how i can use feng shui to help him admit his problem and then take steps to overcome it and heal? About a week ago I started doing an in-depth analysis of our home, de-cluttering, rearranging our belongings, adding or taking away items in certain areas using the bagua to enhance the productive flow of the elements etc. We have a ways to go, but I am asking your expert advice on anything else I can do...certain crystals or other protection items I can place in specific areas? In terms of my husbands emotional balance and chi, I would say he has very unbalanced wood, fire and water.

I would be so grateful for any input or advice you can give me, as I just want our relationship to gain back the strength and happiness and balance we had when we first got engaged almost eight years ago. Thank you so much,



Dear Carla,

I am very sorry to hear your story – I can only begin to imagine how difficult and trying this is for you and your husband. I would be happy to give you some advice on how feng shui can help. 

You seem very intelligent, balanced and well grounded, so I know you don’t need to be told this, but for the other readers out there who are “newbies” I must add that feng shui cannot cure this issue alone -- overcoming addiction requires a holistic approach.

Here are some feng shui remedies that  I recommend:

Sometimes, too much heat or warmth can contribute to issues of addiction.  This seems particularly relevant since you mentioned that your husband might have an imbalance of wood, fire, and water. You might want to work on balancing the feng shui cycles.

Also, work on balancing your environment. To create more balance:

  • Focus on the health/center area of the feng shui bagua

  • Make sure that each feng shui element is represented equally.

  • Keep yin and yang balance with good light, good chi circulation, a mix of hard/soft surfaces, and light/dark colors. Think spacious and welcoming.

  • Make sure to complete missing areas of the bagua.

  • Don’t overlight or underlight a room (use a dimmer switch).

  • The color white will help bring balance, but again, you want a variety of colors to create a balanced and calming atmosphere.

Good enhancements for the health/ center area are:

  • Healthy plants and flowers

  • Artwork depicting ideal health

  • Images of gardens/landscapes

  • Floral prints and stripes

  • Wood

  • Pillars, columns

  • Photos of family and friends

  • Blues and greens

You’ll also want to work on the family/elders area of the feng shui bagua. The word associated with the feng shui family/elders area of the bagua map is “strength.” When this area is balanced, you experience vital health, harmonious relationships, security, and courage. You can meet life’s challenges with strength and find the power to forgive and move on.

In addition, there are wonderful feng shui techniques to help release a negative past. This will help not only with your husband's pattern of substance abuse and addiction, it can help to release the emotions tied to his childhood abuse. As you know, our surroundings are reflections of who we are now. We create them and then are “worked on by them.” The wonderful thing is that you can use your surroundings to release limiting beliefs about yourself and the world.

Studies have shown that there is a strong connection between addictive behavior and surroundings. This is why it is so difficult to maintain new behaviors in an old environment. For instance, a smoker might always smoke in the same chair. To successfully kick the smoking habit, you need to either move the chair or get rid of it. Make sense? So here are some immediate changes you can make to help release the past:

  • De-clutter, clean, and space clear

  • Get rid of  objects that carry energy of the past – especially things that evoke sadness or negativity.

  • Use symbolism (art, images, quotes, etc.) to create a powerful affirmation of health, love, balance and vitality. Turn your home into a powerful affirmation (you see it 24 hours/day; 7 days/week)

  • Incorporate the water element which is associated with release and renewal

Finally, here are some crystals you might want to investigate further:

  • Brewsterite - helps to assist in the removal of addictive behaviors, promotes the recognition of addiction, and has been used to provide freedom from addiction to earthly substances. (skills/knowledge might be a good area for this -- follow your intuition).

  • Orange-phantom quartz crystal - has been used to lessen the degrees of addiction. It's transmutative powers help bring focus and action towards recovery, rejuvenation, and reclamation of true self.

  • Saleeite -- helps deal with denial and has been used to eliminate alcohol and drug addictions.

  • Thalenite-(Y) - the energy of this crystal acts similar to an anti-toxin and has been used to assist one in overcoming conditions related to alcoholism and drug addiction.

Carla, I hope this information helps. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Be well,


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