Aligning the feng shui bagua map

Orienting the feng shui bagua map is really easy, you just need to follow some simple feng shui rules. Usually you align the bagua diagram with the front door. The front door is the mouth of chi—it's where all the energy enters into your home. However, if your front door is blocked or NEVER used, then align the feng shui bagua map with the most commonly used door.

To align the bagua map, imagine you are looking down on your house from a birds-eye view and then place the map over your house. The front door of your house should align with the bottom of the bagua map.

You can stretch and squeeze the shape of the bagua diagram so that the majority of your home fits inside the bagua map. Ideally, you have a square or rectangle home that fills every part of the bagua diagram like the examples below.

However, many times that is not the case due to an asymmetrical layout which means there will be a missing area or extension. The general rule of thumb is that a part of the bagua is missing if the negative space is less than half the size of the side. See the examples below:

Word of Advice

Feng shui cures are an excellent way to "fill in " the missing areas of the feng shui bagua map:

If you have missing areas, you may have greater difficulty in that corresponding area of your life. For instance, if you move into a house with the relationship corner missing, you may suffer marital problems or tumultuous relationships with business colleagues. You need to pay special attention to the missing areas by either symbolically or literally filling them in and adding the appropriate feng shui cure. If you can, fill in the missing part on the outside with a covered structure, deck, light, plant, pole, decorative stone, beautiful landscaping or buried quartz crystal to complete the area. If you can’t do anything to enhance the outside, then you can work from the inside. Place a mirror, light or other feng shui cure on the indented wall or wall closest to the missing bagua area. If there are windows in the area, you can also place a crystal in the window to enhance and circulate the chi.

Extensions, on the other hand, can be very beneficial. If you move into a home with an extension in the abundance area, you may find that you experience greater prosperity and financial wealth.

The feng shui bagua diagram is oriented the same for all floors. And remember, you can also apply the feng shui bagua to each individual room—just align the bagua with the door entering into the room.

The 9 Areas Of The Bagua Map

Abundance And Prosperity - Discover how to attract à financial wealth and a wealth òf happiness. Find opportunities and take advantage of them.

Fame And Reputation - Gain respect from others and change how people perceive you. 

Relationships And Love - Foster long-lasting, positive and harmonious relationships and mutual love and trust. 

Creativity And Love - Learn how to unleash your inner creativity and joy. And, if you have children, strengthen connections.

Helpful People And Travel - Attract support, guidance and love from close friends and spontantious helpful people.

Career And Journey - Find your true purpose and calling in life, then align your career towards it.

Skills And knowledge - Cultivate  strength, wisdom, recoursefulness and self-control. Develop a calm and intelligent mind.

Family And Elders - Nurture loving family relationships, work on honesty and forgiveness, and find health and happiness.

Health And Center - Find your healthy, balance life.

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