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Feng Shui Bagua
Empower yourself with the bagua map

Before using the feng shui bagua map please review the 5 things you need to know first.

For thousands of years, Chinese have studied what happens to energy as it flows through space. They discovered a predictable pattern resulting in the feng shui bagua map. The bagua chart is broken down into nine areas representing distinct life situations (outlined below).

Working with the bagua map is one of the most powerful ways to create positive changes in your life.

As I have stated elsewhere, it is my belief that feng shui works because it both enhances the beneficial energy in your home AND sets a specific intention in place establishing a positive vibration. Working with the bagua map to bring feng shui in the home is like having a playdate between the intellectual and intuitive side of the brain. It focuses your intention to produce astonishing results fast!

The feng shui bagua map allows you to focus your intention and enhance the positive energy for a specific area of your life.

The best way to use the bagua map is as follows:

  1. Take stock of your life and set goals. The very first thing I do during a consultation is to have my client fill out a life assessment worksheet . This allows me to decide which areas to focus on first.
  2. Map out the areas of your home using the bagua map. You need to overlay the bagua map onto your home. The goal is to divide your home up into nine equal parts like the bagua chart.


Before you know what you want to achieve, you must make an honest assessment of your life. What areas of your life aren't working?

 3. Start making adjustments slowly. Based on your life-assessment worksheet, decide which area or areas to focus on first. Be sure the area is clean and free from clutter. Make feng shui adjustments and add enhancements slowly so you can identify what works and what doesn’t.

There are 9 areas represented by the Feng Shui Bagua Map

  • Abundance and Prosperity. This area represents wealth, happiness and peace. It also represents fortunate opportunities and your ability to take advantage of them.
  • Fame and Reputation. This area represents how others perceive you and how they value and recognize your contributions. It also corresponds to illumination from within, integrity and honesty.
  • Relationships and Love. This area represents your relationships with others. It helps you foster long-lasting and harmonious relationships built upon mutual trust and unconditional love.
  • Creativity and Children. This area represents joy, fullness, creativity, and imagination. It also signifies your relationship with your children and child bearing.
  • Helpful People and Travel. This area represents support, guidance, and love from close friends and unseen helpers. Along with moving and traveling, it also denotes letting go of everything and everyone that doesn’t serve you.
  • Career and Journey. This area represents more than your career, it corresponds to your life purpose and the flow of life.
  • Skills and Knowledge. This area represents personal strength, wisdom, resourcefulness, self-mastery, and self-control. It also stands for the link between a calm mind and intelligent mind.
  • Family and Elders. This area represents strong health, loving family relations, honesty and forgiveness, and the foundations for life.
  • Health and Center. This area also stands for health and a balanced life.

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