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The TOP 5 tips for immediate results! 

By simply applying these feng shui bedroom tips, you will have a bedroom that is sensual, intimate, comforting and incredibly restful — exactly what it should be!

Without question, these are the 5 most important tips bedroom feng shui tips:

    1. Reposition your bed.
    2. Clear clutter and clean.
    3. Encourage equality.
    4. Use appropriate colors and imagery.
    5. Transform your bedroom into an oasis.

1) Reposition Your Bed

This is probably one of the most important feng shui bedroom tips. If you haven’t already, position your bed so that you can see the door—this is called the command or power position.

Why is this so important? On an energetic level, when you face the door you are facing the incoming flow of energy. In this position, you can “see” the opportunities that the universe is sending you and you are open to receiving inspiration and guidance. This includes the dreams and insights you receive at night. And since you probably spend the majority of time either at your office or in your bedroom, it is extremely important to place your desk and bed in the command position. (Read more about a feng shui office here.)

People in power — royalty, the President of the United States, even Donald Trump — always face the door. Make yourself the King or Queen of your space.

2) Clear Clutter And Clean

I’ve discussed the importance of clutter control a lot on this website. A clutter-free space is absolutely essential in bedroom feng shui. You cannot get a restful night of sleep if you are surrounded by stagnant energy and chaos. If you’ve read the law of attraction page, you know that your home is working on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — make sure you are receiving positive messages while you sleep!

3) Encourage Equality

Most people want to either attract a romantic relationship or improve an existing one. One of the best feng shui bedroom tips to accomplish this is to make your space inviting for your partner with the appearance of equality. For example, make sure you can walk around both sides of the bed and provide a night table and lamp on each side.

4) Use Appropriate Colors And Imagery

Everything in your bedroom should promote rest, rejuvenation, and intimacy. Earthy feng shui bedroom colors like browns, creams and tans are soothing and peaceful, while colors like red, pink, and lavender encourage sensuality and romance. (Read more about the meaning of colors here.)

The same goes for artwork. Choose peaceful and relaxing images to transform your bedroom into a personal oasis. Or if you want more romance, choose sensual and romantic images. Make sure your imagery reflects your desires. (Check out these free feng shui romance tips.)

As always, you can locate where your bedroom is within the feng shui bagua and add appropriate imagery and colors to enhance that area.

5) Transform Your Bedroom Into An Oasis

A feng shui bedroom should be your personal sanctuary offering a respite from our hectic world. 

Make sure to pick a bed frame that matches your design and can help you minimize clutter. A frame with under bed storage can help clear up the aura of the space.

The bedroom is not the place for exercise equipment, a home office or storage!

This is one of my favorite feng shui bedroom tips because I've made this mistake before. My relationship suffered big time when I had both a desk and an exercise bike in the bedroom. Just don't do it. Click here for more feng shui bedroom tips.

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