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The Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom

Here you'll find some fantastic feng shui bedroom advice for creating your ideal bedroom. You'll learn everything you need to know to "feng shui your bedroom" including the best colors, the proper position for your bed, how to create a sensual bedroom, and the 5 things you must do right now.

In many ways, the bedroom is the most important room in the house because it is where you probably spend the majority of your time. Your bedroom is where you rest and rejuvenate your mind and body, therefore it should be a personal sanctuary.

A feng shui bedroom is cozy, comfortable, intimate, serene, sensual and deeply restful.

Feng shui for the bedroom focuses on serenity which can be achieved through subtle lighting, peaceful colors, and comfortable furnishings. Use warm, rich colors like browns, cream, lavender, beiges, and earth tones to create a nurturing environment. Include sensual, serene, or romantic images that calm and inspire you. Every object should elicit a positive, nurturing response.

Word of Advice

A feng shui bedroom is an uncluttered bedroom. Avoid chaotic closets, clutter under the bed, exercise equipment and anything else that may prevent you from completely relaxing.

Cool colors like blues, greens, and too much white will diminish intimacy and sensuality. As an alternative, inspire tenderness and passion with luxurious fabrics, earthy red colors, and subtle candlelight. Create a sensual, romantic atmosphere by making the bed the focal point of the room—making sure that you can walk on both sides of the bed. Don’t display solitary images if you want a romantic relationship. Instead, promote equality and partnership by displaying paired objects and placing a nightstand on each side of the bed with its own lamp.

Understand that the position of your bed—along with your desk—is one of the MOST IMPORTANT feng shui adjustments you can make. By simply adjusting your desk and bed into the power position, you are making one of the most fundamental and transformative changes for personal success and happiness.

You must be able to see the door from your bed. Ideally, you want to be as far away from the door as possible so that you can see the entire room. In feng shui this is called the command, or power position. If you cannot position your bed where you can see the door directly, then place a mirror so that you can see a reflection of the door from your bed. Avoid placing your bed in direct line with the door — the energy flowing in through the door will disrupt your sleep and could cause health problems. If you have no other choice, put a bench, trunk, or other piece of furniture to suggest protection between you and the door. Read the top 5 feng shui bedroom tips for more information.

Make sure that images seen from the bed are relaxing, calm, pleasant and harmonious. Create a tranquil view with art, silk plants and soothing colors.

A feng shui bedroom feels safe. There shouldn’t be any sharp objects that you could bump into, heavy objects hanging over your head, or disturbing images. All the furniture should be soft, safe and comfortable. You can foster a sense of security by first making sure you can see the door from your bed. Also, avoid anything that might show your reflection (ie. mirrors or TV) while lying in bed — nothing is more alarming than seeing movement out of the corner of your eye when you are trying to sleep!

In addition to being a room for rest, rejuvenation, tenderness and passion, the bedroom often reflects your inner self and subconscious mind.

Look for clues in your bedroom to see what it might be saying about you. If you have a dark, dreary bedroom it might mean you are frightened and shy. To courageously open yourself up to new relationships and experiences, try opening up the curtains and letting natural light stream in, paint it an uplifting color, and hang inspirational images of happy couples. If you have cluttered closets and bureaus it makes for a cluttered mind. To gain more clarity, clean up your clutter and get rid of everything you don’t use or love!

Word of Advice

When you clear away clutter in the bedroom, you allow room for new positive experiences, relationships, situations, and material things to come into your life. You also gain more clarity and a sense of purpose.

To create a feng shui bedroom, follow the general advice outlined below. Don’t be afraid to take it to the next level by making your bedroom an accurate reflection of your desires. When you feng shui your bedroom, follow your intuition to construct a clear, centered, peaceful, and loving image of yourself. Choose images and items that inspire the appropriate feelings within. How do you know if something is right for you? If it leaves you feeling energized and inspired you, it is right for you. Have fun with this and experiment!


  • Place your bed so that you can see the door
  • Make your bedroom cozy, comfortable, intimate, serene, sensual, and deeply restful
  • Use subtle lighting, peaceful colors, and comfortable furnishings
  • Encourage equality with two nightstands—each with a lamp
  • Choose rich, warm feng shui bedroom colors like browns, cream, lavenders, pinks, tans, beiges, peaches, violets, earthy reds, coral, chocolate, butter cream, terra-cotta, raspberry, burgundy, gold, bronze, rust, salmon, and honey
  • Add sensual, serene, or romantic images that calm and inspire you
  • Images seen from bed should be peaceful and pleasant
  • Select natural, luxurious, and sensuous linens
  • Have a solid headboard


  • Avoid cool colors; they will diminish intimacy and sensuality
  • If you divorce, get new bedroom furniture
  • Avoid photos of friends, family and religious figures “watching” you
  • No sharp edges
  • Don’t hang heavy objects over your head
  • Avoid views of cluttered closets or bathroom from the bed
  • Don’t put your bed in path of door
  • No mirrors reflecting the bed
  • Don’t store clutter under your bed
  • Don’t put your bed underneath a window; if you can’t avoid it, create the illusion of support with drapes, wooden shutters, or use a heavy headboard
  • Avoid all electrical equipment within five feet of the bed
  • Remove or soften anything looming overhead like a ceiling beam by moving your bed or covering the beam with cloth
  • Avoid having a TV in the bedroom or hide it when it is not in use
  • No desk or exercise equipment (screen them if you have to)
  • No live plants or flowers, silk is okay (too much activating chi)
  • No water and water images—too much emotional energy
  • Don’t overcrowd your bedroom with furniture
  • Avoid clutter, cluttered closets, or junk under bed


  • Make children’s rooms tranquil and calm with warm pastels and rich colors—bright, primary colors will make children hyperactive
  • Change art and decorative items from flying, falling, driving, running, etc. to a motif that is tranquil and calm
  • Bolster your child’s self esteem by hanging their artwork, awards, and other indicators of achievement
  • At nighttime, store “active” games out of sight and keep out comforting toys like stuffed animals
  • Teach your children to let go of things they don’t want in order to receive new things they would really like to have
  • Add photos of family for love and security
  • Hide mirrors
  • If your children share a bedroom, make sure they each have their own space
  • Incorporate symbols of tenderness like fairies, fireflies, etc.

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