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Feng Shui Career and Journey

The feng shui career and journey area of the bagua map represents more than your career, it also represents your purpose in life. By enhancing this area you will improve the flow of your life and can easily find ways to “follow your bliss.”

Word of Advice

The word associated with the feng shui journey and career area of the bagua map is courage. It takes courage and a willingness to move forward without hesitation to follow your life's calling.

Enhance this area of the bagua map if you would like to change or improve your career, find a more meaningful and better job, enjoy your work, have business pick up, make more money in business, get a promotion, figure out your life’s purpose, or just gather some courage.

Generally, feng shui career cures include symbols or images of water—especially because the water element brings clarity. Also, any images that represent the career or life path you want to be on are an excellent addition.

How do you know if you need to address the feng shui career and journey area? Signs of imbalance include: you can’t find your life’s purpose; you are unhappy with your career, you can’t find a job; or you are struggling at your job. 


  • Black, charcoal, navy blue, deep maroon, chocolate, or dark tones
  • Water features, liquid, images or symbols of water
  • Mirrors, crystals, glass
  • Free-form, cascading, flowing, asymmetrical, undulating, randomly shaped objects
  • Metal
  • Images and symbols of career or life path you want to be on
  • Every item in this area should have a purpose


  • Dirt
  • Squares
  • Earth-tone colors
  • Pictures of things you don’t want in your life
  • Boxes or paper piles
  • Overflowing trash can
  • Stagnant water or scents
  • Stuck windows
  • Items blocking a door or window
  • Pieces of furniture with broken/loose legs
  • Bright colors
  • Stormy pictures
  • Too many electronics

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