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Feng Shui Colors
Find out the meanings of colors and how to use them successfully in your home.

Feng shui colors are extremely powerful and can literally transform a room instantly. The feng shui or atmosphere which is hence created, can either build or crumble your vitality and thinking. We'll discuss how you can use the correct colors, in the correct ways, so that its ensured you're building positive energy, clarity, and happiness. That, as opposed to sluggishness and negative habitual emotions that far too many people deal with pointlessly, only due to bad feng shui. We'll talk about which colors are best for each room in your house, and where on the feng shui bagua map. Read on to learn how to revitalize you and your home. 

Color is vibration. In feng shui basics I discussed how everything is alive and made of energy and that everything vibrates at a particular frequency. The same is true for feng shui colors — each color vibrates at its own unique frequency. Just as you and your home are connected through a multitude of overlapping energy fields, you are connected to the colors in your home in the same way.

Your home is the threshold between your inner reality and your outer reality. It can be used both to understand who you are now and to direct where you want to go in the future.

Word of warning

Everything is connected and made of energy. So when you change the energy in your home, it directly affects you. The effects can be very substantial, and far too often explains why people are unhappy and lethargic. 

Along with feng shui and other environmental metaphysics, color psychology is a very simple yet powerful tool for creating your own reality. Color has a remarkable impact on your psychological and physical well-being. Once you begin to understand feng shui colors, you can in turn use them to your advantage — both as a metaphorical and literal instigator of positive change in your life. 

Using color in your home is not a cut-and-dried approach. There are three things to take into account when using feng shui colors.

  • Second, review the different areas of the feng shui bagua and see what feng shui colors correspond to each life situation.
  • Third, read which feng shui colors are appropriate for each room according to feng shui principles. 

Follow your intuition and use your best judgment. Use colors that you love and that energize and inspire you. If you are told that purple represents abundance but you hate purple, then do not use it. Use a color that represents abundance to you. 

Everybody is unique and, your intention is everything.

As a quick example, look at the degree of impact that red has in this bedroom shown below. Red is a color which excites passion, it will stimulate your sexuality. Keep reading for a list of colors. 

Feng Shui Colors:
Their meanings, and where best to use them


In psychology, orange is very stimulating, active, cheerful and sociable. It is less arousing than red and more pleasantly stimulating.

Like red, orange represents the fire element. Because it is more social and less intense than the red, orange is a better color to use in interior spaces. Use orange predominantly in the fame/reputation area of the feng shui bagua. You may also use orange in the abundance/prosperity, and relationships/love areas.

It is one of the best feng shui colors for the kitchendining room, and living room because of its appetizing and social qualities. If used in the bedroom, make sure it is an earthy orange.

Read more about the meaning of orange.


Purple represents nobility, abundance, and dignity. It is very soothing and calming and is often related to intuition and spirituality.

Purple is one of the best feng shui colors for the abundance/prosperity area of the feng shui bagua.

You may use lighter purples like lavender and violet to help to create a very romantic feng shui bedroom.

Read more about the meaning of purple


Grey is neutral, calm, quiet, and lacks energy. The psychological effects of grey can also be boring, conservative and draining to the physical body.

Grey is one of the feng shui colors representing the metal element. Use in the skills/knowledgecreativity/children and helpful people/travel areas of the bagua.

Grey is best used as an accessory color.

Read more about the meaning of grey


Brown is stable, grounding, reliable, motherly, comfortable, and inexpensive.

In feng shui, brown has been linked to both the element of earth and wood. Because of its common psychological effects, I happen to believe that brown represents the earth element. Like earth, brown is very comforting, supportive, stable, and grounding. It is a wonderful color to use in the skills/knowledge area of the feng shui bagua.

Use brown in your bedroom or living room.

Read more about the meaning of brown


Color psychology suggests that red is activating, stimulating, passionate, exciting, powerful, and expanding.

In feng shui, red represents: the fire element (great for transformation); richness and luxury; and passion, love and romance. Therefore, red is a wonderful color to use in the abundance/prosperityfame/reputation, and relationships/love area of the feng shui bagua.

Red can be used in the kitchendining room, and living room. Earthy reds are appropriate for the bedroom.

Read more about the meaning of red


Color psychology asserts that yellow is very happy, uplifting, warm, stimulating, and expansive.

As with the feng shui colors red and orange, yellow represents the fire element. Like orange, use yellow predominantly in the fame/reputation area of the feng shui bagua. Yellow is also appropriate for the abundance/prosperity, and relationships/love areas.

It is a wonderful color for the kitchendining room, and living room because it is very uplifting and sociable. If used in the bedroom, make sure it is an earthy or pale yellow.

Read more about the meaning of yellow


The psychological effect of green is very calming, balancing, healing, relaxing, and tranquil. It represents growth, vitality, abundance, and nature.

In feng shui, green represents the wood element. The ideal location to use green is in the skills/ knowledgefamily/elders, and health area of the feng shui bagua.

Greens are particularly beneficial in a bathroom because it promotes peacefulness, tranquility, purification, life, and new beginnings. Green also brings a sense of vitality and freshness.

Read more about the meaning of green


In color psychology, blue is calming, healing, soothing, and relaxing. Blue also characterizes dependability, trustworthiness, and security.

In feng shui, blue represents the water element, clarity, inspiration, relaxation, renewal, and nobility. Therefore, blue is an excellent color to use in skills/knowledgecareer/journey, and the abundance/prosperity area of the feng shui bagua.

Like green, blue is one of the best feng shui colors used in the bathroom.

Read more about the meaning of blue


Black connotes sophistication, power, elegance, and modernity. It is also introspected and mysterious.

Black represents the water element. Use black in the helpful people/travelcareer/journey, and skills/knowledge area of the feng shui bagua.

It is best to use black as an accessory color.

Read more about the meaning of black


According to color psychology, white represents clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness and openness.

In feng shui, white represents the metal element. Therefore, white is a wonderful color to use in the creativity/children and helpful people/travel areas of the bagua.

White is a symbol of purity and cleanliness, so it is a fantastic color to use in the bathroom.

Read more about the meaning of white


Pink is sedating and calming. It also symbolizes love and romance.

Like the color red in feng shui, pink represents love and romance. Therefore it is an ideal color for the relationships/love area of the feng shui bagua.

Use the color pink in your feng shui bedroom.

Read more about the meaning of pink

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