Feng shui cure for sickness and black magic

by Mrs. Jessie Bosco

I am suffering from sickness and black magic for the past 20 years with no medicinal remedy. Please suggest a good remedy in feng shui.

Dear Mrs. Bosco

I am not an expert in black magic, so I hesitate to give you any advice. I would strongly encourage you to hire a house-clearing specialist. A professional space clearer is highly skilled in addressing these types of situations. In my experience, a person's belief and fear of black magic is strong enough to produce evidence of such negativity energy.

Denise Linn outlines a powerful fire purification technique in her book "Sacred Space." She recommends fire purification for alleviating dense and heavy energy. It is excellent to use in a space after someone has been ill and is also very beneficial to clear psychic residue. Please check out her book for complete instructions.

She also provides some salt purification techniques. Denise claims that the most powerful thing you can use for home purification is salt—it is the great healer and purifier of the planet. Again, you can learn more in Sacred Space.

A black tourmaline stone can be used to both repel and to protect against negativity. It acts to protect one from being victimized by the negative energy of another. It has also been used as an energy deflector.

Interestingly, the bed and stove have a profound influence on one's health. Is your bed in the power position? You may even want to look up your kua number and make sure that your bed is facing the correct direction. Your kitchen stove should be clean and function properly.

Here are some more tips to feel healthier:

  • Eliminate or reduce EMF's

  • Invest in an air-purification system

  • Drink purified water

  • Reduce toxins and pollutants in your home

  • Create an environment that feels healthy and vibrant with healthy plants, bright colors, and images depicting healthy people.

Don't forget to ask your higher self and your guides for assistance. My dad instructed one of his clients to call upon divine guidance and simply ask the dark energy to leave… which worked.

I hope this helps. Be well,

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