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Feng Shui Cures
Which cure is right for you?

Feng shui cures — sometimes called adjustments, enhancements, or remedies — are an excellent way to activate or enhance the energy in your home. The basic categories of cures include:

Now before you start placing feng shui cures around your home with glorious abandon, there are a few things to consider. First, if you place cures without getting rid of your clutter or space clearing beforehand then the effectiveness of the cure will be limited. Worse, if you place a mirror without clearing out your space then you are just asking for double the trouble. 

Before adding a cure, remove your clutter, organize, and clear the energy in your home.

The second thing to consider is that you can have “too much of a good thing.” Remember, you want balance. Having too many feng shui cures can deter your success, so go slowly and gauge your results — especially if you are close to where you want to be.

Only place one or two cures at a time.

Improvements should be noticeable after one full phase of the moon (30 days). If you like the results then continue. Make a list of priorities and move slowly through the list in the months that follow. Don’t worry if things appear to get worse or more chaotic at first — sometimes that happens as the energy shifts to a lighter, higher vibration.

When placing cures, hold your intention.

Don’t just plop that crystal in your abundance area. Instead, make it a meaningful and powerful act by holding the intention for what you want from the cure and expressing gratitude as if it has already happened. For example, “thank you for the money to buy a new car.”

And the last thing to do before placing cures is to have FUN! You don’t need to follow a set of rigid rules to effectively transform your life.

Word of Advice

Make sure you hold a strong intention of what you wish to create when you place a feng shui cure. It also helps to use cures that have a special meaning for you.

YOU are the creator of your reality so express yourself through your environment. Choosing cures that are meaningful and significant to you is one of the most powerful steps you can take. If you aren’t into the whole crystal thing, a happy photo of you and your significant other will be more effective in enhancing your relationship than a rose quartz.

Finally, keep in mind that you can recruit a cure. For instance, one of my windows happens to look right out onto a huge transformer, so I “asked” the transformer to provide my home with energy, power, and vitality. This is very helpful when you are unable to change an inauspicious element around your home.

Types Of Feng Shui Cures

Lights and crystals activate and uplift energy. They include lights, crystals and other sparkly stuff.

MIrrors activate, circulate, expand and deflect energy.

Sound is a wonderful way to change or alter the energy in a space. Examples are music, sounds of nature, and wind chimes.

Living things like plants, flowers, animals and birds enhance and moderate the flow of energy in your home.

Heavy, solid objects are excellent for grounding and stabilizing energy, especially if you live on an upper floor. Enhancements include heavy furniture, rocks, or stones.

Color is vibration. When used properly, color can be used to enhance, uplift or alter the energy in your home.

Moving objects activate energy. Examples include water fountains, windsocks, mobiles and ceiling fans.

Symbols or symbolic objects are a powerful method for altering energy. Not only do these include the symbols associated with each area of the bagua, but also symbols that have personal significance for you.

Personalized feng shui cures are the most influential cures you can place. These may include favorite photos, artwork, gifts from loved ones and any other items that you love and value.

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