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Feng Shui Cycles
Learn how to balance the 5 elements

It is important that all five elements are represented in your environment. Even more important is that the elements are in balance. Understanding feng shui cycles can help.

When the five elements are in balance then your life 
is more likely to be in balance and you will have 
greater success in manifesting what you desire.

To balance the five elements use the creative and destructive cycles. Use the creative cycle to enhance a particular element. For instance, the ideal element in the fame and reputation area is fire. Since it is appropriate and desirable to have the fire element there, then you can add wood to enhance the area.

Use the destructive cycle to balance an overly dominant element. For example, if you live in a wood house in the forest with a hardwood floor then you would have too much of the wood element present. In this case you would need to add a significant amount of metal to balance your environment such as cream-colored furniture, bronze statues, or pastel accent pieces. Remember, don’t think of the destructive cycle as bad, just look at it as a way to understand and balance the elements.

The general rule of thumb is:

  • If dominant element is wood, then use metal and highlight with earth and fire. 
    Do not use water.
  • If dominant element is fire, then use water and highlight with earth and metal. 
    Do not use wood.
  • If dominant element is earth, then use wood and highlight with metal and water. 
    Do not use fire.
  • If dominant element is metal, then use fire and highlight with water and wood. 
    Do not use earth.
  • If dominant element is water, then use earth and highlight with wood and fire. 
    Do not use metal.

Creative Feng Shui Cycles

  • Wood feeds fire (fire burns wood for fuel)
  • Fire makes earth (fire makes ashes = earth)
  • Earth creates metal (deposits in earth)
  • Metal holds water (condensation on can)
  • Water nurtures wood (plants drink water)
  • Destructive Feng Shui Cycles

  • Wood consumes earth (plants take nutrients)
  • Earth dams water (earth stops water from flowing)
  • Water extinguishes fire (water will kill fire)
  • Fire melts metal (metal will melt and change form)
  • Metal cuts wood (axes, etc.)

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