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Feng Shui Dining Room

Here you will learn how to create the perfect feng shui dining room. You'll learn the do's and dont's of dining room feng shui and how you can apply feng shui room by room.

Your dining room is a symbol of health, nourishment, and connection between family members. This is a place where you nurture yourself with essential energy from life-sustaining food. By slowing down and making a sacred space to eat leisurely and thoughtfully, you are receiving the full vitality of your meal. Creating a pleasant and serene environment honors the necessity of nourishment for our health and well-being. Eating replenishes our body with life-sustaining chi.

The dining room should be used as a sacred place to nourish your mind, body and spirit. 

Good dining room feng shui creates an intimate and tranquil atmosphere. I encourage you to reclaim the ritual of dining — turn off the TV, play soft music, set the table and light candles. Make sure that everyone has a comfortable chair with a pleasant view while seated at the table. Choose warm colors like yellow to stimulate conversation. Any art in the room should be serene and appetizing. And of course, it should always be clean and free of clutter.


  • Create a tranquil atmosphere
  • Make dining an intimate and peaceful ritual
  • Everyone should have a comfortable chair and pleasant view
  • Choose art that is serene and appetizing
  • Avoid sharp or protruding edges
  • Place fresh flowers or fruit on table
  • Always clean up after eating meals
  • Lights should be on a dimmer


  • No clutter
  • Remove ceiling fans that hang directly over dining table (it can cause irritation and discomfort)
  • Don’t use your dining room table as storage; no stacks of paper, car keys, work, etc.

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