Feng shui for a single room apartment

by Aruna

First off, let me just say that your website is amazing. It is so easy to read and it just makes me feel good! Thank you..

I live in a single room apartment in a very crowded city. My place is quite nice but I am not really sure how to feng shui it. I don't cook at home; so its basically a bedroom with wardrobes, some books and cabinets, and of course, a bathroom. How do I apply the bagua to a single room?



Dear Aruna,

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am delighted to hear that you find the site helpful.

Funny that you should ask—another visitor recently asked a similar question… synchronicity!

If you are living in a single room, you can apply the bagua map to it just like any other home—the areas of the bagua will just be a lot smaller than a typical house. As a matter of fact, you can apply the bagua to an entire home, a room, or even a desktop.

For your space, balance is key. You want to treat each area of the bagua with the proper enhancements, while keeping in mind that you have to sleep here too. So while a water fountain is great in the abundance/prosperity area of the bagua, it’s usually too active for a bedroom. In a case like this, either use a different feng shui cure, like a crystal, or turn the fountain off before bedtime.

It will help to create different zones for various activities like reading, eating, and sleeping. Read some tips on decorating for small spaces.

Overall, the best feng shui enhancements you can make in your small space are good lighting, uplifting artwork, and colors that make you happy. Mirrors will help to expand the space and give you room to breathe (just make sure you can’t see your reflection while lying in bed).

Finally, the MOST important thing is to keep your space organized and clutter free. You want your home to feel and look good.

Please read the suggestions I gave to Alexa.

Be well,

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Dec 29, 2012
by: Aruna

Thanks for helping, Jessica. I am redoing my room. And it looks pretty good..it makes me smile every time I walk in :)

Jessica's reply:
Wonderful news, Aruna! Happy 2013! Jessica

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