Feng Shui Fountains and Wind Chimes

by Andrea
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

Hello Jessica..........I am well grounded and once had great chi, positive energy and a superb outlook on life.

Lately however I am being disturbed and all that positive energy I had is being eroded away due to lack of sleep. It seems my neighbour is right into her Feng Shui fountain and wind chimes. Cool and to each their own. I thought Feng Shui was supposed to be a calming influence over one's life however it has caused me and my husband nothing but stress and distress. Could this be right, Feng Shui causing one distress? Is there something wrong with her energy fountain? Each and every night, her Feng Shui fountain and/or wind chimes wake us from our sleep. The fountain has the rather loud, hollow, non-stop sound, similiar to that of a man urinating into a toilet. It is constant and drives us crazy. How can this be when it is Feng Shui? There must be something wrong?

What can I do to regain and restore the peace and balance I once had in my life before my neighbours rude intrusion onto it? Any information you can provide would be helpful as my neighbour is not too receptive nor cooperative. It seems to go against the very thing it is supposed to cure. She has made our life miserable because of her pissy fountain and clanging wind chimes sounding off outside my bedroom window each and every night.

Please help me with her Feng Shui stuff. Obviously she has done something wrong with the placement of it and she needs "sound" advice.


Hello Andrea,

There certainly can be too much of a “good thing.” And what’s more, what works for one person certainly might not work for another. I understand how you feel. I had a beautiful wind chime that I adored and always hung wherever I lived. That is until I moved to a new house with considerable more wind and before I knew it, the wind chime became a huge source of distress and agitation – I finally had to remove it. Your neighbor may find it soothing and uplifting, even though you and your husband do not.

Since she is uncooperative, I would suggest coming up with some alternatives to “mask” the sound. Maybe use a fan, white noise machine, or even earplugs. Can you move the bed to a different location?

I can’t say for sure that she has done something wrong with the placement – it may be that it simply doesn’t suit you. One thing is for sure, offering up a bunch of anger, resistance and criticism is sure to make her dig her heals in – and make you and your husband a lot more negative and depleted.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to change her behavior. Your best strategy is to deal with the negative emotions that are being triggered and to focus on improving your quality of sleep. You could try essential oils, herbal supplements, or magnesium. After you abate some of your resentment, perhaps you can approach her more lovingly and reach a better resolution.

Be well,

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