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Feng Shui Front Door

Creating a proper feng shui front door is extremely important. Why? Because the entrance and front door to your home is the mouth of chi and is where all vital and positive energy enters your home. The entrance also sets the intention and energy for your entire home and life and in fact symbolizes your approach to life! This is why front door feng shui is vital to your happiness and well-being.

First impressions are very important and contribute significantly to the entire experience of your place.

Make sure your front entrance is beautiful, inviting and feels good. Your entrance reflects your desire to open up and receive helpful people, experiences and opportunities, so make it welcoming! Use flowers, potted plants, or a doormat to provide a warm and friendly invitation. 

What does the entrance of your home say about you?

If the front entrance is shabby, overgrown, and poorly lit you may feel confused, fatigued and experience apprehension. Ask yourself -- does your front door attract vitality? Or does it have chipping paint and creaky hinges that leave you feeling nervous and frustrated? Look at your front entrance with fresh eyes and decipher what messages you are receiving every time you come home. (Interested in painting your entrance? Before choosing a color for your feng shui front door, read about the meaning of colors.)

Once you step inside, take note of what you immediately see. What you first see as you enter sets the focus for the whole house. If you see the kitchen as you enter, you may gain unwanted pounds. If you walk directly into a wall, then you may feel that you are continuously bumping up against walls in life. Or if you can’t easily move through your entrance due to shoes, coats, and other clutter then you probably will feel very frustrated, stagnant, and lack energy. Here are some things to remember:

Word of Advice

Make sure your front entrance is beautiful, inviting and feels good. After all, your front entrance is a symbol of your approach to life.


  • Make it beautiful and inviting
  • Be sure it is clutter-free and unobstructed
  • Keep it well-lit and well kept
  • Make sure your front door is easy to find
  • Keep everything in good working order


  • Get rid of clutter and other obstructions
  • Remove dead or dying plants
  • A shabby front door is a no-no
  • Repair unstable or shaky entry stones
  • No dirt or trash

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