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Feng Shui Health and Center
Bring balance and well-being into your life 

The feng shui health and center area of the feng shui bagua is very important since it represents the place where all areas of your life converge. In particular, this area should be balanced and harmonious. ALL areas of your life flow in and around the center so make sure it is a place of peace.

Enhance this area of the bagua map if you would like to have a more balanced life and optimal health. By enhancing this area you will see improvements in all areas of your life.

Generally, feng shui tips for health encourage you to keep the center of your home clear, clean and clutter free. It is a great location for a meditation or “quiet” room helping you to stay centered and grounded. By incorporating the earth element, you will begin to ground and stabilize your life allowing you to build upon a solid foundation.

How do you know if you need to address the feng shui health and center area? Signs of imbalance include deteriorating health and accidents.


  • Yellow, gold, earthtone colors
  • Images and symbols of earth, ceramics, etc.
  • Squares, rectangles, horizontal or flat items
  • Perfect place for meditation
  • Art or symbols reminding you to be centered


  • Wood
  • Green
  • Columnar or rectangular objects
  • Must be uncluttered, clean, and orderly
  • Spiral staircases are considered unfavorable in this area. Try uplifting the energy with a crystal, plant or some other feng shui cure.

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