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Feng Shui Home Office

A feng shui home office follows similar rules to a general office. Here is what you need to keep in mind when applying home office feng shui:

  1. A feng shui home office is organized and free from clutter.
  2. Place your desk in the power position.
  3. Use appropriate artwork, imagery and colors.
  4. Most importantly, your office must be separated from your personal life.

Your home office should be simple, organised, and free of clutter

Make sure your office and desk are free from clutter and organized - energy must flow freely. Everything that you use daily should be within arms reach. You don't want to interrupt your concentration and focus to look up a word in the dictionary that is halfway across the room! 

You should feel inspired, productive, and powerful in your office. An organized office and desk enhances your creativity, discipline and success; allows room for new ideas; and enables you to make decisions.

Create an organization system that works for you. Perhaps you prefer to deal with paper work on Mondays. Maybe you find a filing cabinet just doesn't work and you would rather stack things in organized piles. It doesn't matter how you organize, just make sure that you find a method and stick to it!

Place your desk in the power position

In home office feng shui, the ideal feng shui desk placement is in the command position, also known as the power position. This means that while seated at your desk you can see the door and the incoming stream of people and energy.

In feng shui, the position of your desk—along with your bed—is one of the MOST IMPORTANT adjustments you can make. By placing your desk in the command position, you are asserting yourself as a powerful and successful creator of your life. 

You do not want to place your desk directly in front of the door. The doorway is the mouth of energy and you do not want to sit directly in that stream. Instead, place your desk off to one side. Ideally you should be as far away from the door as possible so that you can see most of the room. On a diagonal across from the door is best.

In a proper feng shui home office, you should have a solid wall behind you or at least a high-backed chair. If you have a wall of windows behind you, you may feel like you are lacking support and authority. Add stability and keep the energy from flowing out the windows with drapes, furniture or plants.

Add appropriate artwork, imagery & colors

Word of Advice

Hang images, mottos, pictures and symbols that inspire you and speak to you of abundance, prosperity, and success.

To create a nurturing feng shui home office hang pictures, mottos, or images that symbolize what you want to accomplish. Acknowledge your sources of support by placing a few photos of family members and mentors but be careful! Too many images of your family will actually attract children and interruptions into your home office. It is more important to place images that are connected to your business and that inspire you. Also, choose furniture and accessories that speak to you of prosperity, abundance and success.

The view from your desk has a significant impact on how you feel about your work and life.

If you are facing an empty wall, you may feel that you are always bumping up against obstacles and lack vision, perception, and opportunities. If you look out over a construction site, you may feel confused and overwhelmed. Make sure you have a pleasant view while seated at your desk. Surround yourself with things that keep you inspired, creative, and productive, even if it is a zebra patterned chair and salsa music!

Infuse your feng shui home office with your personality — it will foster and support personal growth. 

Pale green and sandstone are always appropriate colors for the feng shui home office design

Keep stress and irritability to a minimum by choosing furniture with rounded corners or positioning sharp corners out of traffic flow. Incorporate music, running water, and aromatherapy to create a true refuge.

The best feng shui colors for your home office are soft yellow, sandstone, pale gold, pale orange, pale green, and blue-green. Adding white will increase clarity and mental focus, while browns and earth tones will ground and stabilize the energy. As always, you may consult the feng shui bagua to decipher the best feng shui colors for the location of your office on the bagua map.

An effective feng shui home office should be seperate to your personal life

Physically separate your workspace as much as possible. You really want your home office to feel like a place of refuge. It should be separate from the other areas of your home so that you can concentrate. If it must be in a shared room, create a sense of privacy with curtains or screens. 

Read this great article about home office location and design!

Don’t put the office in the bedroom. If you have to, use a room divider or a large area rug to mark off your home office. You can even build a slightly raised platform for your desk to delineate separation.

To successfully separate your home office from your personal and family space, set up boundaries and establish a routine. Here are some great suggestions for creating an office space and a routine that will foster success, discipline and privacy:

  • Shut your door when you work.
  • Screen your view so you can’t see the rest of the house.
  • Set up and keep office hours.
  • Use a separate phone line for business.
  • Dress well when you work at home, it enhances your chi
  • Use ritual to separate home and work energy. This can be lighting a candle, turning on music, or misting with water before you begin working.
  • Keep business and personal stuff separate to avoid distractions.
  • Don’t use the dining room table as a desk. It will make you feel torn between work and family.


  • Separate your home office from the rest of the house as much as possible by closing the door, installing a screen/curtain, or placing an area rug to visually define the office area
  • Sit in power position, your desk should face the door
  • Sit as far away from the door as possible—you want to be able to see the majority of the room while seated at your desk
  • Have a solid wall behind you or a solid, high-backed chair
  • De-clutter your desk and office
  • Put only items that you use daily on your desk
  • You should be able to reach everything easily
  • Hide wires and computer cords
  • Add living plants
  • Make sure you have a pleasant view while seated at your desk
  • Hang images, affirmations, mottos, or other items that inspire you
  • Infuse your office with your personality—it will foster and support personal growth
  • Soften sharp edges with plants or fabric
  • Place photos of family members and mentors
  • Choose furniture and accessories that speak to you of prosperity, abundance, success
  • Relieve stress with music, a table fountain, or aromatherapy
  • Keep stress and irritability to a minimum by choosing furniture with rounded corners or positioning sharp corners out of traffic flow


  • Do not sit with your back to the door
  • Do not sit directly in front of the door
  • Do not sit too close to the door; too distracting
  • Avoid overcrowded bookshelves; they will leave you feeling overwhelmed and overextended
  • Don’t face a blank wall; add a mirror or inspiring image
  • Avoid chaotic or unpleasant views; mask unpleasant views with translucent curtains
  • Avoid a window directly behind you; if this can’t be avoided then add curtains/blinds, a large plant, credenza, or large piece of furniture to add stability
  • Avoid sharp edges pointed directly at you—this “cutting energy” is not beneficial; you can soften the sharp edges with plants, fabric, or crystals
  • Do not put your office in the bedroom
  • Avoid heavy boxes on the floor

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