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Feng Shui in the Home:
5 feng shui rules you must know first

If you want to use feng shui in the home you must understand these 5 essential feng shui tips before doing anything.

  1. Open your mind and have fun.
  2. Get clear on your intention.
  3. Get rid of everything you don’t use or love.
  4. Clean and organize your home.
  5. Start making adjustments slowly.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, meaning wind and water, is an ancient art and science based on laws that govern the flow of energy. The Chinese called this energy Chi or Qi. By creating improvements in the flow of Chi in your home, you create positive changes in your life.

Feng shui comprises a vast body of knowledge and a plethora of different varieties ranging from very structured and precise to more intuitive and instinctive.

It is my belief that feng shui works not only because it enhances the positive energy in your home, but also because it sets a certain intention in place and puts a vibration in motion. 

What's my Feng Shui methodology?

I am an experienced energy worker, intuitive, designer and artist. In graduate school, I studied the intertwining relationship between humans and their environment where I discovered that our environments affect us on a physiological, psychological, and energetic level. I quickly learned to follow my intuition, rather than follow a set of feng shui rules. I needed to make feng shui in the home more personal and relevant for me—especially as a westerner.

Word of Advice

If you are looking for a more classical approach to feng shui in the home, then this site is probably not for you. However, if you want to tune into your intuition and individuality, and feel more empowered then this site is definitely for you.

I have distilled information and wisdom I have gained from various cultures around the world and incorporated them into my own consulting practice. Much of what I have learned and found to be extremely effective is presented on this website. It is my intent that you use this information for your highest good and learn to trust and rely on yourself more. If you want specific examples of how to feng shui your home, you can visit my blog which details how I have used these methods successfully in my life.

You are more powerful than you let yourself believe.

How to feng shui your home

Word of Advice

Having a clear intent is essential when you feng shui your home. How can you get what you want if you don't know where you are going?

Before you start applying feng shui in the home or making ANY adjustments to your environment, follow the steps below. If you do not follow the steps, the changes may be slow, temporary or you may not experience any beneficial change at all. Even worse, you may create situations or experiences you don’t really want. What a waste of time!

1) Open your mind and have fun. Everything is alive and made of energy. The physical world we perceive as solid, inanimate, and steadfast is actually a slippery,variable, virtual reality that we mold with our own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and personal energy. YOU are the divine creator! Once you understand that everything is energy and that you are connected to your environment, you are well on your way to shaping your future. This is a difficult concept to understand for many feng shui beginners but it is essential. To avoid being overwhelmed, it's important to open your mind and not take things too seriously.

2) Get clear on your intention. When you are clear on your purpose, intent, and your motivation, action flows. Many want to start with action, but it is really clarity of intent that comes first. If you want more abundance, do not first go out and get a second job. Instead, get clear on why you want more abundance. Is it because you want more freedom, financial security, or new clothes that make you feel empowered? If you can answer the "why" then you are clear on your purpose. Only then do you make adjustments and apply feng shui in the home with that clear intention in mind. When you take the time to get clear, things manifest for your highest good very rapidly and you keep yourself from spending years on a slower path.

3) Get rid of everything you don’t use or love. data-custom-mark="true" This is a very important step when you apply feng shui in the home. Everything has energy and this energy directly affects you and your life. Clutter brings down your personal energy and negatively affects the flow of chi in your home — the chi stagnates around the clutter and cannot move freely or bring fortunate blessings into your home and life. Also, keeping things you don’t love or use brings down your energy and doesn’t allow room for new experiences, people, or situations to come into your life. Use it, love it, or get rid of it. Click here for more information on  data-custom-mark="true"clutter control.

4) Clean and organize your home. Just as clutter can negatively influence chi, so can dirt, dust and disorganization. One of the most effective ways to make immediate and positive changes in your life is to clean with the intention that you are "cleaning away the old and making room for the new." The same goes for organization. Disorganization can leave you feeling scattered, drained, tired, lethargic, and indecisive just for starters! Make sure that your home is organized and that you can find things easily. If you are feeling frazzled or upset, simply cleaning out a drawer is a powerful way to raise your vibration and lift your energy. 

5) Start making feng shui adjustments slowly. When applying feng shui in the home, start making changes very slowly. You may even want to keep a transformation journal so that you can see the effectiveness of your changes. If the changes aren’t what you expected, it isn’t too late to start over. Be clear on what you want to create in your life and really take the time to make your adjustments with a strong intention in mind. Address the areas where you spend the majority of your time, like your bedroom or desk, since these spaces have the most influence on you. Click here for free feng shui tips.

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