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Feng Shui Kitchen

Your feng shui kitchen should honor the ritual of preparing wholesome meals that provide life-sustaining energy and nourishment. Cooking in your kitchen is a daily celebration of the earth’s infinite resources and your own good fortune and abundance.

The kitchen is predominantly represented by the fire element — an activating force for abundance. Therefore, your kitchen is a strong indicator of your prosperity and financial resources.

Food symbolizes wealth and health, so special attention is given to where food is cooked. Keep your stove very clean and use all of your burners regularly to symbolize the abundance in your life. Give the cook a commanding view by either placing a mirror above the stovetop or using a reflective pot to provide a view of what’s behind the cook.

Word of Advice

Transform your kitchen into a place that celebrates the earth's abundance and provides life-sustaining energy.

The ideal kitchen is clean, light and airy. Make the kitchen a place you want to be in. It should radiate warmth and vibrant life force energy because that vital energy makes it into the food you prepare. Bright, cheerful colors will convey a sense of health, happiness, and vitality. (Read more about feng shui kitchen colors.) The design should be functional and easy to cook in with lots of storage. Finally, make your intentions of health and vitality more effective by keeping all of the surfaces clean and free from clutter. 

Here are some important things to keep in mind:


  • Make sure your kitchen is clean, light, and airy
  • Use bright and cheerful colors
  • Surfaces should be clean and free from clutter
  • Cook with gas—the fire element activates abundance
  • Add potted and dried herbs, flowers, and fruit
  • Keep your stove clean
  • Use all of the burners
  • Give the cook a commanding view with a mirror or a reflective pot
  • Organize your countertops and cabinets
  • If you don’t use it every day, store it out of sight
  • Keep your cupboards, etc. clutter free
  • If you can, hide the trash and recycling
  • Choose designs that curve or have rounded corners
  • Eating areas should be calm, clear, and uncluttered


  • No clutter
  • No dirt or grime
  • No photographs of friends or family members
  • Replace or minimize fluorescent lighting
  • No broken items; either fix them or throw them away

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