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Feng Shui Lighting & Crystals

Feng shui lighting and crystals are a very common cure. They can be used to uplift and enhance chi, fill in missing areas of the bagua, and in some cases, deflect poison arrows.


Light not only contributes to the ambiance and mood of a space, it also enhances energy (also known as “chi”). In fact, light is energy and is therefore one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring in additional chi.

Every room in your home should be well lit in order to draw energy into and around the room.

Good feng shui lighting design means balance. You do not want to overlight or underlight a room. If possible, you should allow for variety and user-control with multiple light sources and dimmer switches. Consider adding at least three different light sources to each room. These may include task lighting like a desk or reading lamp, overhead lighting, and uplighting. Also, make sure to use full-spectrum bulbs. 

Word of Advice

Light is an excellent feng shui cure for activating chi, filling in missing bagua areas, bringing clarity, and symbolically lifting low ceilings.

If you have a corner missing in your bagua, you can use  an outdoor light such as a lamppost to anchor the missing area. Or if you have low ceilings, you can use uplights to “lift” the ceiling and make it feel more spacious or yang.

The most beneficial place to add more light is in the fame and reputation area of your home since light represents the fire element.


Crystals are often used to modulate energy, fill in missing parts of the bagua, bring sunlight and chi into the home, or to alter the vibration of a space in a specific manner.

Crystals balance both fast and slow moving energy.

Use crystals to slow down and disperse chi speeding down a stairway or long hallway. For staircases, simply hang a crystal at the bottom of your stairway to uplift and re-circulate the chi. You can also use crystals to uplift chi in the bathroom, a sunken living room, or rooms with low ceilings.

A faceted feng shui crystals is one of the most popular feng shui cures

Crystals are great feng shui cures for poison arrows -- poison arrows are cutting chi created from sharp and protruding corners. By hanging a crystal between yourself and the sharp corner, you protect yourself.

Since crystals absorb negative energy, remember to clean your crystals regularly with clean, clear water -- no salt -- and let them dry in the sunlight. If crystals are too woowoo for you, use objects made of crystal like a paperweight.