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Feng Shui Meaning 
What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui derives from Chinese culture, dating back over three-thousand years ago. The Chinese, astutely noticed the energy exchange between objects, humans, and the environment, and they were smart enough to use this to their benefit. So, to gain benefit, they created environments which are in harmony, that stimulate positive emotions and cognition, that bring clarity, peace, and eventually, happiness. That is feng shui, and today it is still becoming even more popular! People commonly use it in all of the rooms of their house: from the office, for enhancing clarity and productivity, to the kitchen, in which you can actually use colors and designs to stimulate the appetite! There are all sorts of little tricks, to create a range of effects. This site will teach it all. Feng shui is one very, very old doctrine, check out this credible article for its history. Or keep reading for more details on the basics. 

Feng means wind, and shui means water. So in Chinese, feng shui is meaning "wind and water." Not coincidentally, these elements are associated with health and wellbeing, for the Chinese. Feng Shui, then, is the use of elements (wind and water) to create health and well-being. 

The primary principle surrounding Feng Shui beliefs, is that everything, including you and me, your pet cat, your furniture, the colors on your furniture, the dirt on the ground... Yes, everything, gives off and receives energy. In China, this energy is called 'chi'. There is a constant transaction of chi between objects and living organisms. The important part is: positive or negative energy from colors will radiate onto you. When you walk into that neatly designed, clean living room, with a touch of bright cheerful colors, you will naturally begin to feel positive and relaxed. Or conversely, that grumpy, negative associate with a bad 'vibe' will radiate negative energy onto you. It works in the same way.

Lesson number one is that: Everything has an energy exchange, remember that. 

Lesson number two is that: You can use this energy exchange in your favour, do that. 

At Feng Shui & Beyond, we have a vast amount of free information, and practical guides to turn your house into a positive energy creating, peace and harmony making, comfort constructing machine. For practical steps, you should learn about the bagua map and these 5 things you need to know before implementing feng shui. Also, check out the beginner's guide, if you're totally new. I hope it all helps. 

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