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Feng Shui Mirrors

Feng shui mirrors are the workhorses of feng shui cures due to their repertoire of functions including activating, circulating, expanding and deflecting energy.

Mirrors can be used to fill in missing parts of the bagua, enable energy flow, expand cramped spaces, redirect or uplift chi, bring in more light, double prosperity, deflect negative energy away, or balance too much fire element.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

If you have a missing area in the bagua, place a mirror on the indented wall or wall closest to the missing bagua area to fill it from the inside out.

Word of Advice

The reflection should be clean and clear. Also, make sure to reflect the whole body or face and avoid split, fractured, or distorted images — like you get from mirrored tiles. Partial or fractured reflections present you with a fractured image of self and can lead to problems. Additionally, the mirror should be framed — no raw edges. And finally, don’t put mirrors in the bedroom; the energy is too active.

You can also use mirrors to expand your space and encourage energy flow. For example, if you walk into a wall in your front entrance, hang a mirror on the wall to open up the space and redirect the flow of energy. A mirror is a fabulous antidote for cramped or claustrophobic rooms because it doubles the size and multiplies the light.

Since energy flows downhill like water, use feng shui mirrors to uplift the energy in sunken living rooms or at the bottom of stairs. They are also an excellent way to lift energy and balance low ceilings.

Unless you are deflecting negative energy, don’t hang a mirror directly facing a window — it simply reflects the energy right back outside. Ideally, mirrors should reflect harmonious images in order to multiply beneficial energies. When hung properly, you can double your existing windows, natural views, and sunlight. Just make sure that you don’t have two mirrors facing each other — this bounces the energy back and forth and can be very disorienting.

DO NOT reflect clutter, chaos, darkness or fractured images.

Use feng shui mirrors to deflect negative energy away from your home.

Mirrors, or any reflective surface like a brass doorknocker, are an excellent feng shui cure to repel negative energy away from your home. The mirror’s reflection should face the problem and reflect it back outside. Use them for redirecting inauspicious chi from transformers, electrical equipment, poison arrows, obnoxious neighbors, etc. 

The most beneficial place to add mirrors is in the career and journey area of your home since mirrors represent the water element.