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Feng Shui Plants, Flowers, Animals
Use living things to quickly and easily 
create life-enhancing energy

Feng shui plants and other living things are wonderful feng shui cures not only because they bring in auspicious energy and stimulate activity, but also because they can divert poison arrows and slow down speeding chi.

Plants are amazing for their ability to harmonize the environment. They purify the air and bring in vitality and freshness.

Feng Shui Plants

Word of Advice

Avoid sick or unhealthy feng shui plants - they only deaden chi.

Plants represent the element of wood, which means that by bringing plants into your home you are nourishing your intuition and flexibility. Plants will also enable you to open up and expand. Use plants to soften sharp or protruding edges and to prevent chi from racing down a stairway or out a window or door. If your seating areas are not supported from behind with a solid wall, you can use a plant to “protect your back.”

It is essential that your plants are well cared for, clean, and healthy. Unhealthy plants only deaden chi. Also, generally choose plants with soft round leaves like jades or pothos, they don’t feel as aggressive or generate as many poison arrows as plants with spiky leaves. Finally, don’t put live plants or flowers in your bedroom; the energy is too active.


Flowers — also representing the wood element — are 
a symbol of abundance, hope, rebirth, and growth.

When I moved to Philadelphia, the traffic, crowds, noise, and trash really started to affect my energy levels — it was probably the closest to depression I have ever come. I decided to buy fresh flowers every week or two and place them so that they were the first things I saw when I walked into my home. The difference was astounding! Not only did I feel lighter and more energized, but my good fortune really started to roll in as well. To this day, my weekly $5.99 flower bouquet is one of my most rewarding feng shui cures.


Animals and birds are delightful energy activators because they really stir things up. When my cat is chasing her fuzzy little ball around, not only does she make me happy and raise my own vibration, but she also rouses any stagnant energy that may be lingering around the house.

The most beneficial locations for plants and flowers are the front entrance, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, office, abundance and prosperity area, relationship and love area, and family and elders area.

"People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us." - Iris Murdoch 

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