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Feng Shui Remedies
Learn how to use sound to 
modify the vibration of a space 

There are many different feng shui remedies or cures at your disposal to change the energy of your home. One of my favorites is sound.

Sound is a magnificent way to modify the vibration of a space.

In my opinion, I think sound — especially noise pollution — is the most underestimated factor in environmental health and personal well-being. Melodic sounds are incredibly healing and soothing.

Noise, on the other hand, is toxic.

Word of Advice

Take an auditory inventory of your home. Do you hear a lot of mechanical sounds like traffic, air conditioning, or the refrigerator? To clarify your environment you must weed out noise.

I have experienced this first-hand living on extremely busy streets in both San Francisco and Philadelphia. Initially, the street and traffic noise didn’t present much of a problem, but the constant noise had a sort of cumulative effect resulting in some serious irritability and stress. Even my cat got cranky!

A healthy home has sounds of nature and moments of quietness. Use double-pane windows, soundproofing, heavy drapes, soft furnishings, rugs and houseplants to alleviate noise pollution. Play soft, soothing music or use a sound machine to cancel out noise. Sleep away from busy streets and use earplugs if necessary.

Some color theorists believe that you can compensate for noise visually. They suggest that unsaturated greens, green-blues, and blue will make sound seem less noisy. It can’t hurt to give it a try, right?

Once you have moderated any noise pollution, you can start using sound and other feng shui remedies to improve the energy in your home.

Sound makers — such as wind chimes — summon and enhance chi. In addition to calling in chi, wind chimes, beaded curtains and other sound makers can enhance a feeling of safety by signally a visitor’s approach. They are also very useful for defining boundaries between spaces and slowing chi down.

Soothing sounds can drastically clear, purify, 
and improve the energy in your home.

For a more peaceful environment, play sounds of nature or invest in a small tabletop water fountain. (Don’t put a water fountain in the bedroom though; it is too active.) Play a CD of songbirds, singing bowls, chanting monks, or inspiring music to uplift and enhance chi. Whenever I feel that the energy in my home is stagnant, I put on a CD of my favorite didjeridu music — I can literally feel the energy getting lighter almost immediately.

Play around with feng shui remedies. As you become more sensitive to the energy around you, you will begin to notice which sounds energize and inspire you and which ones leave you feeling drained.