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Feng Shui Remedy for Grounding

This feng shui remedy may surprise you. When most people think of feng shui cures they think of mirrors, crystals and the like. However, heavy objects prove to be a remarkable cure when you’re feeling out of balance.

How do you feel? If you are feeling insecure, unstable, or ungrounded, then this is the cure for you.  Heavy, solid objects and furniture are excellent for grounding and stabilizing energy.

Heavy, solid objects represent the element of earth, which is grounding, supporting, protecting, stable, and secure. Heavy objects both bring energy downward and slow it down providing a sense of peace and calm.

This is an especially useful feng shui remedy if you live on an upper floor or your house is raised off of the ground. You can incorporate heavy, solid furniture like a bookcase or an overstuffed couch to bring a sense of strength and stability to your space. You may even want to place heavy stones in each of the four corners of your house to bring it “down to earth.”

As I’ve mentioned before, you can have too much of a good thing. If you have too many heavy objects, you may feel stuck. So remember -- balance!

A good location for heavy, solid objects is the skills and knowledge area.