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Simple, yet powerful feng shui romance tips

It is easier than you think to create more love in your life with the help of these feng shui romance tips. Follow these simple steps:

Enhance the feng shui relationship and love area of the bagua.

By giving special attention to this area, you will foster long-lasting and harmonious relationships built upon mutual trust and unconditional love. It is especially important that this area of the bagua map is free from clutter, trash, withering or dead plants, single objects or images, or any negative images. Also, make sure this area has the appropriate enhancements like candles, fresh flowers, pairs of objects, etc. For more romance tips, review the feng shui love and relationship guidelines.

Fill your home with symbols of love.

Make your home a living affirmation of love and romance. Incorporate items or images that symbolize love to you. Maybe it is red roses, the color pink, or scented candles. You can also include mementos from romantic experiences. Be careful not to take these romance tips to an extreme! Painting your entire house pink and filling every vase you have with red roses might give a potential partner the creeps.

Add pairs of objects and accessories.

A single item or object can indicate a single life. Pairs of objects work best for creating love and romance.

Use appropriate imagery and artwork.

Surround yourself with images of people who accept and love you as you are. Only hang artwork or display images that you love. You can also put up your favorite photos of you and your love (if you have a romantic relationship) or pictures of happy couples.

Include the earth element

The earth element will add a soft, nurturing quality to your environment and promote tenderness. Add soft pillows and furniture and earthy feng shui colors.

Add candles and fresh flowers

Flowers and candles are obvious symbols of love and sensuality. Use them in your feng shui bedroom to boost your romance. Candles are also a wonderful addition to the relationships and love area of the bagua since they represent the fire element.

Use feng shui colors that represent love and romance

Feng shui colors like red, pink, and white can be used as metaphors for the romance you wish to create in your life. In addition, these colors will bring in the right kind of energy to create more love.

Get rid of objects that other people gave you that you don’t love.

Having objects around that you don’t love is clutter which results in stagnant energy. It is best to get rid of them. Read more about clutter control here.

Avoid negative images, unfriendly stuff, or single items.

Your home is a symbol of what you want to create. If you want loving, harmonious relationships, then you must get rid of negative images, “unfriendly” stuff like cactuses, or singular items.

The master bedroom often reflects the relationship. Make sure it conveys the message you want.

Examine your bedroom for any inappropriate imagery. Do you have a solitary pillow or candlestick? Is there too much of the metal element in your bedroom sapping your romantic impulses. Make sure your master bedroom affirms your desires. Is the artwork sensual, loving, romantic, and serene? Does the bed rule the room? Read more bedroom romance tips here.

If you are single, you must prepare your bedroom for a lover.

This is one of the most important romance tips I can offer to single people. You must set your bedroom up for two. Have at least a double bed with two nightstands and lamps. Make sure you can walk around the bed. Don’t add too many pillows to your bed; you need room for a new romantic partner. You need to also remove “bodyguards” from your bed like stuffed animals and dolls—these convey a message that you don’t have space for another person. To attract a lover, let the bed be the dominant piece of furniture in the room (not exercise equipment, a home office, TV, etc.) And of course, avoid single objects or art depicting solitary objects and remove photos of past lovers.