Feng shui to cure a blood illness? You bet!

by Susan Stavros
(Launceston Tasmania Australia)

I have been practicing feng shui for several years mostly getting my information through books. I love it because it works and it is unobtrusive and truly interesting.

My brother built a house next to my property which is on top of the hill. There are many underground streams when you live on top of the mountain. I had problems with my house and the streams that were flowing right in the middle of the house.

The first few years after my brother built his house and moved in with his family he became sick. He had a blood problem but I did not understand why he was sick. He had to have treatment which got rid of the problem but years later it came back and his lungs were in trouble. His doctor told him he only has so long to live and he started to go down hill
very fast. By this time I realised what was happening, I remember taking a bush walk above his property and there was a natural damn on this property which would have been running directly under his house.

This time I realised why he was sick years ago, this stream would have been running under his house and caused his blood illness. Although it was treated it came back again this time even more viscous. I told my brother that I would like to treat his house and the reason why he was sick in the first place it was the stream or streams running under his house.

He is a secondary school teacher,and he was cutting out days from school to cope with his sickness. He did not believe me and he did not want me to treat his house, and called me a white witch.

When he was away I begged his wife to let me treat the house and I told her what I was doing,and she does not have to tell my brother. I told her that if what I do works my brother will become stable and then he will start to get better.

She agreed I can do the work and I explained to her what I was doing; although I did not treat the whole house I treated the part where the stream flowed.

My brother became stable, after a few months and he is now better. He still is taking medication from his doctor but he is not going downhill quickly which was pretty scary to see.

I love feng shui I consider myself lucky to have some of this knowledge,I would like to do the full course and become a feng shui consultant.

This is my story, I realise now that if I knew what I know now I could have saved my brother the harsh treatment he received to get rid of his blood problem for good. Thank u feng shui.

Susan Stavros

Jessica's reply:
Susan, that is an extraordinary story, thank you for sharing! There are no limits to what feng shui can cure when there is a strong belief and intention.

Be well,

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