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Learn how to effectively use feng shui elements

The fire element is the most volatile of all the five feng shui elements—it has the power to both destroy and renew. However, fire’s power to destroy is often seen as a means to rebirth at a higher level. It is a symbol of purification and regeneration. Of the five elements of feng shui, fire is best used if you seek transformation and change.

Fire represents purification, renewal, transformation and expansion.

The element of fire is often represented by the sun. Fire, like the sun, provides light and warmth. Therefore, all types of lighting, candles, and fireplaces make terrific feng shui cures. “Fiery” feng shui colors like red and orange will help activate the elements of fire as well. Less commonly known is that according to the properties of the five Chinese elements, animals and things made from animals activate fire.


This lamp is a wonderful example of the element of fire with its red shade.
  • All lighting—electric, oil, candles, sunlight, fireplaces
  • The whole room should be well lit to draw energy into the room.
  • Red lamp
  • Fireplaces
  • Candles
  • Things made from animals—fur, leather, bone, feathers, wool
  • Pets and wildlife
  • Art depicting people and/or animals
  • Art depicting sunshine, sun, light, or fire
  • Shapes such as triangles, pyramids, sunbursts or cones
  • Bright colors, especially red, yellow and orange
  • High gloss paints
  • Enhance with the wood element
  • Avoid:

    • Make sure TV doesn’t compete with fireplace (fireplace is our sense of home)