Happily Ever After - Finding Love with Feng Shui

by Katherine
(Ontario, Canada)

I had been a divorcee and single mother for over 15 years, working hard to take care of my children, but making very little time for myself. When I finally decided I could put myself out there romantically and look for a life partner, I seemed to have very little success. I had dates and men were interested, but I wasn't looking for just anyone, I was looking for someone I could spend the rest of my life with.

I happened across some old articles I had cut out years before about feng shui and love (everything is for a reason, right?!), and there in the one article, it spelled out my problem.

Through the years since my divorce, I had collected figurines and artwork that represented my "standing strong as a woman", "a mother with her children". Although symbolic of the new empowered woman I was aspiring to be, someone who could stand on her own without a man, it was all "singular"...one woman standing alone or with her children. Feng shui is about creating your intention,and I had created a position of power and strength but being by myself or with my children.

So using the techniques and some feng shui cures, I removed any artwork from my bedroom that represented a woman "standing alone", and I incorporated everything in pairs. I added a second lamp, so I had a pair. I found these beautiful "pair" of morning dove figurines and placed them on my dresser. I added a pair of candlesticks beside my bed, two luscious plants in the corner...everything was in "pairs".

With each new addition I sent out the intention that I would find the perfect life partner, someone I could stand strong with and lean on through life. A month later, he walked into my life...yes, feng shui works, even in love.

Jessica's reply:
Katherine, I love your story! Thank you so much for sharing!

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"In our deepest moments of struggle, frustration, fear, and confusion, we are being called upon to reach in and touch our hearts. Then, we will know what to do, what to say, how to be. What is right is always in our deepest heart of hearts. It is from the deepest part of our hearts that we are capable of reaching out and touching another human being. It is, after all, one heart touching another heart."
- Roberta Sage Hamilton