Having bad luck

by Srilakshmi
(Milford, CT)

We are trying buy a new home but we are not able to get it. Also, whatever we try to do, hurdles and obstacles are coming in between and we are not able to make proper decisions. I am so frustrated please help me out. What should I do?

Dear Srilakshmi,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing bad luck. Luckily, bad luck is not a permanent condition. There are many ways to transform bad luck into good fortune.  According to famed feng shui specialist Marie Diamond, you can eliminate bad luck through one or both of the following methods:

  1. Improve how you think, feel, and act, and you will improve your destiny.

  2. Improve your home, and you will think, feel, and act differently.

To improve how you think, feel and act, you need to look at the situation from a new perspective. “Lucky” people have a common belief that although life has its rough patches, everything turns out alright in the end. Lucky people have confidence that they are always being guided in the right direction.

Sometimes divine guidance can appear as bad luck or obstacles.  Maybe the house you want to buy is not for your highest good. Maybe the obstacles you are experiencing are a sign to really reflect on your life. When I run into many obstacles, it is almost always a sign that I am not in alignment with my true nature.

To change your mental perspective you might want to try gratitude journaling, affirmations, inspirational reading, or meditation.

As far as improving your home for good fortune, you should address the abundance/prosperity area of the feng shui bagua.  Bad luck is a symptom that this area is out of balance. Make sure this area has the proper enhancements and start to incorporate symbols of good luck into your home like bamboo, koi fish, or a crystal lotus.

Also make sure that your desk and bed are in the power position. De-cluttering and space clearing will help tremendously too.

Read a wonderful article explaining luck is a state of mind.

I wish you great fortune!

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