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Create Your Perfect Home Office Design

Not everyone has the luxury of creating their very own home office design. Some people use their bedrooms or their dining area to work at home. Not you! If you are lucky enough to have your own home office, then you should make sure that it is designed to meet your needs, and fill your productivity potentials. It helps substantially to abide by feng shui guidelines for the home office in order to give your space a productive but relaxed and pleasant vibe.

Simple, affordable, effective.

Home office design plans based on the principles of Feng Shui are fairly easy to implement.  It doesn’t require adding a lot of Feng Shui related artifacts in order to make your space look and feel harmonious and full of positive energy. And it doesn't require money. You only need some knowledge about Feng Shui and a few people to help you in case you need to move furniture around.

There are no hard and fast rules to Feng Shui when it comes to home office design components. But you can apply the guidelines that promote productivity and inspiration and other general Feng Shui guidelines that are used in designing offices.

Location of your home office

The first thing you need to determine is the location of your home office. You should keep your home office as far away from your bedroom as possible. If this option is not available, ensure that there many barriers or division between the bedroom and the home office. This is so that you can separate business life from home life. The separation also ensures that you won’t be easily tempted to check on your work or get distracted by it while you are having quality time with your family. 

If you have a room that has a high ceiling, then this is the best place to put your home office. A high ceiling promotes productivity and growth. The position of the home office should not be under a staircase or enclosed in an area where light does not come in. The room should be airy and light should freely come in, which helps keep you alert and positive. Your home office shouldn’t also be situated in the center of the house as this can symbolize making business the most important thing in your life.

The desk and it's placement

Could home office design get worse? This desk is in a kitchen!

Finding the right desk and the right place to put your desk is the next step in building good Feng Shui in your home office. It may be necessary to buy a new desk even if you have just acquired a house that comes with the desk of the previous owner. This may give you a fresh start without the baggage and the negative energy that came with the old desk.

The desk that you choose should preferably be made of wood and other natural materials. Avoid using glass top desks, because according to office feng shui principles, it can cause work pursuits and business deals to fail. Home office desks should be in rectangular or curved shape. Make sure that the desk does not have any missing corners as in the case with some modern designs.

Do not position your desk with your back to the windows or the doors. Putting your desk with your back to the door puts you in a vulnerable position as you cannot see what is happening behind you. You also won’t know who is coming in as your back is turned. Windows on the other hand are a bit tricky. Putting your desk with your back to the window promotes instability while facing the window can be distracting. The center of the room is also not an ideal place to put your desk as it diminishes your authority. Place your desk in front of a solid wall and somewhere that you have a clear view of the windows and doors without it disrupting your concentration.

Your desk should face an area or a view that signifies what you want to accomplish. Don’t face an empty wall as this might indicate a lack of vision or opportunities. Make sure that you are looking at something that inspires creativity and productivity.

Learn how to create perfect feng shui with your desk here! 

Clean up clutter

Remove all clutter from underneath your desk and around your home office, including that trash accumulating under your desk which you sometimes use as a foot rest. A cluttered room blocks energy flow and hampers your creativity. It can also hinder productivity as seeing the mess and the clutter can get you distracted enough to make you want to clean your space. Make it a daily habit to clean up after yourself as you finish your work for the day to ensure that clutter and mess do not build up.

You can read more on cleaning clutter here!

The things that you need on a daily basis should be within arm’s reach. If you need a calculator every day, it should be stored near you and not in the drawer 10 feet away. You wouldn’t want to have your concentration disrupted by getting up and looking for it halfway across the room. Organize your desk so that you know where everything can be found so that you don’t waste time looking for a certain file or a stapler.

Adding pictures and mottos

Design your home office to promote your success and the success of all your endeavors. Place mottos and pictures that inspire you and give you your motivation to succeed. Place a few pictures of the people who inspire you like family and other important people in your life. Just don’t scatter too many picture of family or children on the walls and tables of your home office. This can make your own children want to stay there and distract you, and you should keep your business life seperated from your family to a healthy extent.

Colors for your home office design

The color of the walls and the décor inside your home office also affects the way you work and your productivity. Feng shui experts suggest the colors yellow and blue-green for your home office as these colors promote creativity and can help you focus on your work. Blue-green is considered a calming and soothing color which can help you ease your stress. Staring at something green will also rest your eyes from the strain of staring too much at the computer screen. Add plants to put more green to your home office. Adding plants also improve the quality of air within your home office, which is great if you’re spending long hours there. 

These Feng Shui tips for your home office won’t only help your productivity. It will also make working from home easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient. Follow these tips to promote the success of your business and work life.

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"Live neither in the past nor in the future but let each day's work absorb your entire energies and satisfy your widest ambition."

- Sir William Osler

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