How can I start a career in feng shui?

by Krishna
(Peoria Il)

I stumbled upon your blog just last evening and I loved the simplicity and effortless ease with which you encapsulate such wisdom in a story like manner.

I read about your journey through life and how eventually you found the one faith that you hold so dear...Feng Shui. Just a brief intro about me...I have dabbled with FS oves the past decade and I don't see the fervor either lessen or dim with time . It's an integral part of my life. Along the way I've helped friends with a variety of issues with amazing results...people found solutions they had been looking for and I was just happy and content with the knowledge that I was able to bring about a positive change where needed.

I've been coaxed time and time again by family/friends to live my passion and assist people on a larger scale .... professionally i.e ....and I think I am now ready...I just don't know where and how to begin. I haven't had any formal training but testimonials collected over time are proof to the effectiveness of my knowledge. I did conduct a few trans Atlantic consultations but things have been suspended rather noiselessly in time...a big pause seems to have taken over the energy I had channeled , just a couple of months ago , into my Career scape.
Any suggestions Jessica ?I really want to be part of the FS professional world.

Krishna T.


Dear Krishna,

Thank you for your kind words and I congratulate you on your success and passion! If you need formal training or guidance, I would encourage you to sign up as a member of the International Feng Shui Guild—it is a tremendous resource.

I felt the same way you did at one time—I knew I wanted to teach and use feng shui, but I wasn’t sure of the path. I love to design and make art and I also need a great deal of time alone; I just couldn’t envision myself as a traditional feng shui practitioner. So I did what I knew best, I used feng shui, positive intention, and meditation to gain clarity and focus. What unfolded was absolutely extraordinary (you can read the full story here). There is absolutely no way I could have planned for what happened.

I would encourage you to do the same. Set a strong intention and get to work. Make sure to follow your intuition and take action (the action is the important part). I remember the day my direction and purpose became clear. In fact, I remember the exact moment. I didn’t know what to do, so against all desire I hit the pavement and started looking for places I could give free workshops. When I came back with some contacts, I got the random email link from my dad which led me to where I am today. It still gives me chills… I love divine guidance.

It’s very important to remain open to your inner guidance—even if it seems irrelevant at the time. There is no telling where it will lead.

I wish you great fortune on your journey!

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