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Learn how to be happy

Here you'll find out how to be happy. You'll discover all of the hidden factors contributing to your quality of life and hopefully you'll come to understand that happiness is a choice.

What is happiness? There are countless resources, advice, experts, testimonials, classes, techniques, tips, and success stories all asserting that they know what happiness is and how to get it. It all can be pretty overwhelming for such a simple concept. Let me simplify it for you.

Happiness is freedom. Happiness is you being you without limitations or negativity. Happiness is peace, tranquility and serenity. Happiness is the capacity to love without reservation. Happiness is your inherent, natural state.

Learn how to be happy — 
authentic happiness with no sorrow

There are three factors that contribute to your quality of life thus influencing your happiness. They are:

    1. The situation you were born into.
    2. Your inner world.
    3. Your external environment.

The first factor is the situation you were born into. This includes your parents, your circumstances, your financial support, where you were born, etc. Basically it is what you were born with and the life you were born into. You can’t really change that so don’t worry about it.

The second factor that contributes to finding happiness is your inner world — your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. Your childhood programming, subconscious limitations, fears, and passions all contribute to your quality of life and oftentimes limit your ability to experience authentic happiness.

Word of Advice

Every object in your home has an influence on you. Carl Jung called this numinosity.

Finally, your outer world — your surroundings — also contributes to your quality of life and ability to be happy. This is the one that is often overlooked, but not to be underestimated. Your environment, your home, your workplace, your state, your country, and your world all affect your well-being on a very subtle but powerful level. If you truly want to learn how to be happy, read about using feng shui in the home.

Happiness is a choice. YOU have complete control over your inner and outer world. You can change them. You can make your life better. You can learn how to be happy. 

Your Inner World

If you want to learn how to be happy, lets first talk about your inner world. This complex internal landscape is an amalgam of your thoughts, beliefs, childhood programs, fears, wants, feelings, and emotions.

To truly be happy, you must focus on improving your internal landscape. Authentic happiness requires that you let go of the negative and turn it around into the positive. To master how to be happy, all you need is the will and desire to transmute the negative into the positive. Remember, happiness is a choice.

There are many fantastic methods for letting go of the negative and turning it into the positive. Here are my favorite resources for learning to let go:

  • Release Technique - Similar to the Sedona Method, this method offers an extremely effective approach to ridding yourself of all attachments and aversions. Unlike the next two methods, this one isn’t really that woo woo. The Release Technique asserts that “life is a decisionâ€? and happiness is a choice. Visit the Release Technique.
  • Dr. David Hawkins - Dr. Hawkins believes that authentic happiness comes from a complete state of surrender. He takes a very spiritual approach to happiness. Read more about Dr. Hawkins.

Here are my favorite resources for transmuting the negative into the positive:

  • Law of Attraction - The basic idea behind the law of attraction is that what you think is what you create. If you are positive and optimistic, do things that only make you feel good, and eliminate all thoughts and feelings that make you feel bad, then you create a very positive and optimistic future.* The best teachers for the law of attraction are Esther Hicks and Abraham.
    (*NOTE: Some people think this idea is utterly ridiculous, or worse, reckless. If you are one of these naysayers, I would encourage you to open your mind and consider the value of positive thinking. There is nothing wrong with being positive, in fact there are many beneficial by-products of thinking positive thoughts. It may or may not give you control over your future, but it does increase endorphins, regulate heart rhythms, lower blood pressure, and generally makes you a much more pleasant person to be around. That doesn’t sound so bad to me.) 
    The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • Positive Affirmations - Positive affirmations work by replacing negative programming with more life-affirming statements. Through repetition, you can actually reprogram your brain to think more positively and optimistically. If you are at all interested in this technique, you must read more by Louise Hay. She is the “masterâ€? of positive affirmations and teaching others how to be happy, healthy, and abundant.
    Louise L. Hay
  • Gratitude Journal - Have you ever tried to stand up and sit down at the same time? You cant. It is the same with expressing gratitude. You cannot be negative and unhappy when you feel appreciation for your life. Get yourself a notebook and write down 5 things you are grateful for every single day. This is a very powerful exercise for finding happiness.

ALL of techniques I've referred to are wonderful and very effective. I've had enormous success with learning how to be happy with each and every one.

Word of Advice

Everyone has his or her own path and beliefs. YOU must choose what technique works for you. It is up to you to identify your truth and then hold to it. I am simply offering my honest advice on what I’ve found works.

When you learn to let go and transform the negative into the positive, you reach a state of peace, joy, and authentic happiness that is unparalleled. You are imperturbable. You are powerful. You are confident. You have courage. You accept what is while at the same time experiencing an underlying knowingness that the world is safe and secure.

The Outer World

If you really want to tip the scale in your favor and truly learn and master how to be happy it would be wise to focus on your outer world as well. Our environment controls us; it speaks to us and makes us who we are. We shape our environment, and then we are worked on by it.

If you focus on your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being but neglect your physical surroundings, you will have a tendency to revert back to old habits.

There is a very bodily response to our environments. How do they direct us; how do they feel; is the energy flowing positively? Are you feeling energized and inspired? There is also a subconscious and emotional reaction to our environment. What do they say to us? What do they reflect back to us? By using feng shui and other environmental metaphysics, we can create places that foster humanity and promote happiness. Learn more about feng shui in the home and how it can help you to be happy.