I have a bathroom, kitchen and utility closet in my wealth area and the living room in the career area? What are some tips?

by Zeena Dsouza
(Chickmagalur, Karnataka, India)

The wealth area in my house is located in the kitchen, the utility room where all the junk is being kept, and a bathroom-toilet. How do I use this space as a wealth corner and how can I improve it? Also, my career area falls in the living room in the east so I am confused which color do I use on the walls. How can I make use of the furniture?


Dear Zeena,

There are quite a few strategies to improve your wealth corner. First, make sure to organize your utility room. You may even want to do some cleaning and clearing – read some tips here.

When a bathroom is in the abundance/prosperity area of the bagua, you really want to make it a nice space to be in. Quality linens, rich colors, beautiful artwork, and lots of natural light will help a great deal. Read my suggestions for decorating a bathroom in the abundance/prosperity area.

Having a kitchen in the wealth area creates a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and inspire more prosperity. To foster abundance, wealth, prosperity, and good fortune, it is vital to follow good feng shui principles. Read the dos and don’ts of kitchen feng shui here.

As for your living room, I would recommend using the proper colors for the career/journey area like a dark chocolate or deep maroon. If you feel like your furniture isn’t suitable, try accessorizing with throws or pillows to enhance this area. In my home, I’ve added mirrors, lamps, area rugs, and some of my own art work to enhance my career area.  I would like to add that I choose my artwork carefully in my living room so that it is a benefit to myself and my husband. As I've written about in living room feng shui, the design should honor the tastes and preferences of everyone in the house.

Be well,

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