My abundance/prosperity area has a missing area AND a toilet. Please help!

by Anil

Our home has a toilet and missing area in the wealth/prosperity area of the bagua.I'm sending you the plan of my flat, please let me know if there are any problems in this and how to resolve it using feng shui elements. We have moved into this flat in August 2012 and after that we are facing some financial losses.

Hi Anil,

When a toilet/bathroom is inauspiciously placed like yours, there are a few key actions required.

Let me first address your specific question about how to use feng shui elements in this scenario. As you know, the predominant feng shui element in a bathroom is water—which is okay for the abundance/prosperity area, however it needs to be brought into balance. Bathrooms almost always need the wood element to balance the water.

You don't want to destruct the water element entirely. Instead, bring it into balance with wood element enhancements. Obviously, all objects made from wood are appropriate—a teak bath mat or bench, wood accessories, plants, flowers, and artwork depicting nature are good examples. Colors that represent the wood element are blue, green, and purple. All of these are suitable for the abundance/prosperity area of the feng shui bagua as well.

The earth element will also help to "damn" the water. You can add small earth enhancements with earthy colors, ceramics, and earthenware to name a few.

Avoid the metal element.

Now let's discuss some other feng shui remedies. The reason bathrooms are considered "inauspicious" for the abundance/prosperity area of the bagua is due to your prosperity "running down the drain." To remedy this situation, you must close your drains and keep the toilet lid down when not in use. Pull the stoppers closed in your sinks and bathtub. Place a stopper over the shower drain if you have a stand-alone shower.

Leaky faucets or dripping water also cause money to leak away from you. Fix dripping faucets as soon as possible.

In addition to leaky, drippy faucets, any necessary home repairs should be made in this area as soon as possible. A shabby, unkempt home equals lack. The abundance/prosperity needs to be well-maintained.

All bathrooms should be beautiful. This is imperative if your bathroom is in the abundance/prosperity area. No clutter, no odor, no filth. Cleanliness and simplicity will promote positive energy.

Below is a summary of what to do when you have an inauspiciously situated toilet. Many of these will remedy your missing area like the plant, mirror on the outside of the door, crystals, and light.

  • Keep the toilet lid down.

  • Close all drains.

  • Keep the bathroom door closed.

  • Hang a mirror on outside of bathroom door.

  • Hang a faceted crystal in the bathroom to lift energy up and circulate. If there is a window, hang a crystal to bring in rainbow energy.

  • Place plants or fresh flowers in your bathroom.

  • Decorate with luxurious, rich colors.

  • Use quality linens.

  • Incorporate as much light as possible— preferably natural sunlight light .

I wish you well,

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I have a missing area in the abundance and prosperity area.

by Harini
(Pune, Maharshtra, India)

I have cut off in abundance and prosperity area, and their is bathroom also.what can i do?

Hi Harini,

Please see my answer above to the same question.

Be well,

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