Is a white bedroom set a poor choice?

by Adriana
(New Jersey)

I was reading about the bedroom and one thing I read was "...and too much white will diminish intimacy and sensuality". I'm considering getting a white bedroom set. Will that be considered too much white????

The hardwood floors will be dark charcoal gray. The comforter is a mix of white/gray and a pop of yellow. A framed floral picture is also white/gray with a pop of yellow. I am single and looking for love. (a problem area of mine!!!) Will these colors in my bedroom hinder on my search for love/ a relationship? How about if I add a red accent wall?? or should I reconsider my entire bedroom idea. (I haven't bought the bedroom set yet or ordered the hardwood floors yet. Just picked them out. I move back into my condo in December so I do have some time to make changes)

My bed will be positioned properly, I do not have any clutter in my bedroom (or anywhere in my home for that matter) will not be overcrowded with furniture, No TV or desk or computer in bedroom. The color is the only thing I really need help with in my search for love/a loving relationship.

Thank you

Hello Adriana,

White, gray, and yellow aren't ideal colors for a bedroom – especially if you are looking for romance and love. However, you can make it work.

In your case, it is very important to include the proper enhancements. For instance, make sure you incorporate soft and subtle lighting. Candles and lights on dimmers are a great way to "set the mood for love."

Appropriate artwork and imagery is a must. A floral print does indeed evoke romance and tenderness, however, you might want to warm things up with different colors. You can learn the difference between warm and cool colors here. Consider that warm colors are more "passionate".

Pairs of objects work best for creating love and romance. So make sure to avoid single items.

You might want to focus on bringing in the earth element too. You can do this with comfortable furnishings and luxurious textiles. For example, a super-soft shag rug and pillows with help to promote tenderness.

Look at examples of what I would consider romantic bedrooms. As you'll see, sometimes you can pull off a white color scheme, but you must compensate with things like lighting, accessories and fabric. Spots of warm colors (like earthy red) will help to heat things up. If you can make it work with your design, a red accent wall might be a good choice.

Intention is everything and your personal preferences play a big role. Step back and take an objective look at your design. If you find your bedroom to be romantic and supportive of a healthy relationship, then it will be.

I hope this helps,

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Oct 15, 2012
me again :)
by: Adriana

How about if I still had the white bedroom set and gray hardwood floors but incorporate a 'sensual'/soft color everywhere else. Paint on an accent wall, comforter, drapes and area rug being in the burgundy or raspberry family?

Jessica's Response:
Absolutely! That would work very well.
Be well,

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