Is DIY Feng Shui dangerous?

A lot of people say that DIY Feng Shui is dangerous. You should leave it to the professionals. What's your take on that?


I totally understand this mentality! When I first started feng shui I went through a period of intense fear that I could really do some harm to myself and others. It was miserable! I finally talked in length with my long-time spiritual teacher and she quickly assuaged my fear. She taught me that feng shui is really all about integrity and intention. If you hold the highest intention and act with integrity, there is no chance of danger. It is especially important to set your intention for the highest good of all concerned.

That really helped me to understand that feng shui (and all energy work) is a very empowering and good thing!

I needed to be REALLY sure though, so I even emailed Denise Linn, the brilliant teacher and author. She confirmed what my own teacher told me… feng shui is always a good thing when you follow your intuition and act with honesty and integrity. I have a blog post that might help: Rules schmules… how serious should I take this "feng shui" thing?

Start making adjustments slowly and take note of the changes that are occurring. If certain enhancements or adjustments don’t feel right to you, take a step back and listen to your intuition. It's always a good idea to combine feng shui with some mental and emotional "house cleaning" to eliminate any fears or negative beliefs. Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, Sanaya Roman, and The Sedona Method are a good place to start.

I wish you much happiness and good fortune on your journey!

Be well,

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"In our deepest moments of struggle, frustration, fear, and confusion, we are being called upon to reach in and touch our hearts. Then, we will know what to do, what to say, how to be. What is right is always in our deepest heart of hearts. It is from the deepest part of our hearts that we are capable of reaching out and touching another human being. It is, after all, one heart touching another heart."
- Roberta Sage Hamilton